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Drive By

Drive By | KILLSPENCER Weekender 2.0

by , August 17, 2011

Getting to know an awesome weekender

We love KILLSPENCER. This small LA based brand continue to evolve their charismatic carry pieces, further improving already good bags and cases. We dropped by their offices to get a better feel for the ideas and refinements that have gone into their latest Weekender update.…

As we’ve previously written, we think a good weekender is as much about its feel as it is about its function. It should handle a weekend’s worth of clothes and toys, but do so with a relaxed ability that feels a world away from boring business travel.

KILLSPENCER’s previous weekender did this well, with quite an upright stance and some strong utility pocketing. However wanting more volume, better access and more style, the guys have given it something of an overhaul.

The huge opening that sits wide when accessing the bag is a highlight. It makes packing and unpacking much easier, and leaves a ring of internal perimeter pocketing for neat organizing. This includes a laptop pocket and several other sleeves.

The details are classic KILLSPENCER, with highly considered and resolved elements that really help make the product.

A large and water resistant Riri zipper keeps the bag together; both adding a slight tech feel, and more importantly working in a bomb-proof way to keep out water, dust and grime.

The model pictured is built from a heavily softened vegetable tanned leather, with a tight weave water-resistant nylon lining. There are also versions in a waxed canvas, a repurposed tarp, and a 60 year old Korean War era coarse duck water repellent canvas to really blow you away. As usual, all the snaps, webbing and hardware are top knotch.

But after stumbling through that clumsy description of the features, we figured we’d get the KS guys to explain it with a little more clarity…

(click on the images below for a larger view – might take a touch to load tho…)

The KILLSPENCER Weekender 2.0 sells for between $375 and $595 US, and is available through their website at http://www.killspencer.com/

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