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5 Minutes with

5 mins with Greenroom136 (Giveaway)

5 mins with Greenroom136 (Giveaway)

by , May 29, 2014
Patrick Lim is someone who really cares about his carry; we ran one of his messengers alongside a Timbuk2 in a Head-to Head a way back, it did well, but we had a few niggles and he took in our advice and made the changes necessary to make his messenger more awesome. Nice one Patrick! And guess what, his once humble start-up has now turned three and is doing some great things in his home country of Malaysia and abroad. So we stole a few minutes with the man with the ape on his gear…

What key insights drive your stuff?

Function, form and durability. We spend a lot of time talking to the fans and prospects. Hearing about the things they do for a living, the work that defines their life’s passion. All our bags are designed to solve the problems deriving from these conversations. The little niggles from how they carry the tools they work with on a daily basis. Form is based on the styles of the users, because a functional piece will cease to work if its styling conflicts with that of the user. And finally, we want to ensure all our products will last a lifetime, we tend to gravitate towards stronger materials.


Who else is doing rad things in the world of carry and why do you think they’re important?

The industry is brimming with the most inventive and competitive players. Each so unique in their own special way, it’s hard to define who is better but its for sure, all are equally as important to the eco system, driving innovation and inspiring new blood. I’ve mused over many a brand over the years. But if I had to pinpoint a few, I’d say you can’t go past the clever product designs of Mission Workshop, the community based brand culture of Chrome, the entrepreneurial spirit of Rickshaw Bagworks, the industrial practises of Timbuk2, and notably the true grit that drives the designs of Bedouin foundry. I’m sure there will be more to muse over with help from Kickstarter.


Are there any things other brands do that you think are great or could be improved?

I believe the independent companies are at their most creative at the current moment. It’s easy to pin point mistakes and ponder on improvements when comparing a commercially made piece of product but it’s difficult to second guess designs from independents. Simply because most indie designers are so focused on solving user problems rather than maximising profit, every reiteration would normally be carefully thought through and product deficiencies are merely calculated design compromises. It is through these compromises one learns to improve and better future designs. It is to these independent brands that I look to for inspiration.


What’s next for you guys?

Bringing the aesthetics of our designs to the next level. We’re constantly learning; time and resources are always our number 1 enemy and having so many fans with input, we end up with a long long wish list to work on. There are definitely some new additions to the family but, we will have to wait for it to be realised before we can talk more.

What do you carry daily and how?

I’m currently carrying our Rainmaker backpack whilst getting my head around a new experimental single strap pack. My days are really packed to the brim; juggling between running a company and driving my kids berserk. Ok, I lied. More like driving my kids around and trying not to go berserk. All my bags are designed with me in mind. A bag that one can literally live and work out of no matter the time and circumstance. My daily carry is always packed with my journal, tech stuff, camera/recording gear, things that I would need regularly to run the company and my podcast and the remaining space, my wife will stuff with things for the kids.

Greenroom136(EDC backpack)

Greenroom136pouch(EDC waist pouch)


Birthdays are always fun and luckily enough for us, Greenroom136 is turning three-years-old. And to celebrate, you guessed it! Patrick’s giving away one JunkMonkey Messenger (13″ or 15″) to one lucky Carryologist.


How do you win?



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