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Heroclip Seigaiha Stealth


Heroclip X Carryology Seigaiha Stealth – And a New Wave of Essentials

by , January 28, 2021

It’s been a long time coming… and it’s finally here. Introducing the first release of our new ‘Carryology Essentials’ program.

In this space, and much like our collaboration program, we’re teaming up with the very best brands in the world to push design to the next level, upgrading ‘best in class’ gear in exclusive and limited edition runs. 

So here’s what makes Carryology Essentials special.

It’s in the name. We’re focusing on small essentials. Items worthy of every Carryologist’s daily or travel setup. 

Each CE release is chosen because it’s ‘best in class’. That’s right, the leading piece of gear in every essential category, voted by our team, hand-picked and taken to the design table and reimagined. 

CE releases are still limited edition, but are designed to live in the world for longer. So we’ve bumped up our production numbers so they last for more than just a few minutes.

And CE releases are designed for everyone, no matter what your station. Each release coming in at under $150 or less, so every Carryologist can collect and upgrade their setups, no matter what. 

Carryology x Heroclip Seigaiha Stealth

But what would be the Essentials first Hero? 

To kick off our Carryology Essentials brainstorm, we began looking into ‘best-in-class’ pieces of carry from our favorite brands. The items we couldn’t live without. And as you’re aware, “carry” isn’t just bags. With CE it’s time to celebrate that and dig into the more compact categories of carry. EDC, gadgets, gizmos, and more. They’re all coming.

But… what would be the first? It had to work for everyone. Not a super niche style pouch that only attaches to one specific pack. Not a case for a specific piece of tech or smartphone. Truly, something that every one of our readers and our contributors can use daily…. 

We’re always listening to our community and our Carryology Classified Facebook group gives us insight into the minds of the most tuned-in Carryologists in the world. 

Over the years, we’ve seen one product being adopted by many different folks, from many different walks of life, for many different purposes. In fact, once it showed up on our radar, we couldn’t stop seeing it. Calling it a “gadget” is an insult, as our readers voted this into carry history with a Highly Commended in our sixth annual Carry Awards in the “Best Accessory” category. Of course… I’m talking about the legendary Heroclip.

Carryology x Heroclip Seigaiha Stealth

Heroclip, the unmatched innovator and leader in this very tiny niche… which somehow can be utilized by anyone and everyone. When I first personally spotted Heroclip, I thought it was just a carabiner. Boy, was I wrong. 4.7 stars from 2,700+ reviewers on Amazon surely can’t be wrong, right? Again, thanks to our group of 11,000+ members, I began to see all the different ways one could utilize the product, in real-life examples. The versatility of these things makes them much more than just a carabiner. In fact, the Heroclip is the most versatile EDC and travel carabiner and storage tool on the planet. This makes it a Carryology Essential. 

Heroclip uses

Since I’ve seen the light, I now own six Heroclips (Medium size). The 360-degree swiveling feature allows me to use them in nearly unlimited different ways; leaving one attached to my favorite packs at all times, for organized pack storage in my closet, for attaching accessories to the exterior of my pack, for hanging my pack from trees or off the ground in airport bathrooms, for attaching a shoulder bag to my rolling luggage (even though I’m a big fan of one-bag travel), for camping, for overlanding, for travel. My fiancée even uses one to prevent her purse from sitting on the ground when we’re eating out at restaurants. Heroclip does it all.

Carryology x Heroclip Seigaiha Stealth


It was final… Heroclip would be the very first collaboration project in our Carryology Essentials program, dubbed CE01. Sure, we talked about titanium. But the Heroclip’s aircraft-grade aluminum construction makes it wildly strong, with the ability to hold 60lbs packs. Being that we’re all about packing minimal, the need to hold a pack more than 60lbs is kind of counterintuitive. Additionally, titanium would have priced these units exceptionally high, when our goal is to make these Carryology Essentials products affordable for all. 

Of course, we looked into orange anodization. But, being that the vast majority of packs out there are black, we wanted this to blend into your pack. Versus having it stick out like a throbbing orange thumb. So we selected possibly the best colorway possible – black on chrome, with a pattern to tell a story.

Lately we’ve been leaning into our passion for Japanese geometric patterns, already having implemented these beautiful timeless patterns into some future collabs. Mina, CEO/founder of Heroclip, told us about Heroclip’s laser engraving abilities, and the waves and seas parted…

Carryology x Heroclip Seigaiha Stealth

Because, as you know, we're a bit obsessed with Japanese culture. And maybe even more so with Japanese geometric patterns. I even have two tattoos of these patterns: sashiko style asanoha (hemp leaves) and seigaiha (waves) on my arms. 

After searching through dozens of patterns, we landed on seigaiha, clearly a team favorite. Sure, visually they’re beautiful, masculine, feminine, timeless, balanced. But the symbolism was just as important. 

Carryology x Heroclip Seigaiha Stealth

The symbolism of seigaiha

Dating back to thousands of years ago, the seigaiha has been symbolic of waves or water, and represents surges of good luck.

Moreover, this pattern was originally used on ancient maps created by adventurous explorers in this region. Literally translating to “blue sea and waves”, it would be used to represent the ocean, and the spirit of exploration. 

And exploring is something we encourage all Carryologists to do, be it overseas or local, to take your quality gear and use it to live exciting lives. 

Seigaiha was the perfect pattern. 



Working closely with Mina, founder of Heroclip, and her team, we dialed in the deepest, richest black anodization and the perfect scaling and depth for the laser-engraved seigaiha pattern to bring our dream Heroclip to life. 

And so we are proud to introduce our first Carryology Essential collaboration: the Heroclip x Carryology “Seigaiha Stealth” (CE01). May it bring you luck on your everyday adventures and your travel explorations.

Carryology x Heroclip Seigaiha Stealth

Launch Date

These drop in limited edition tomorrow at $25 each, 28th January, 6pm New York time. 

And you guys, as Carryology readers, will have a 24hr exclusive window to score yours before Heroclip put the word out to the masses. 

Good luck!

Global Times

NY – 28th, 6pm

NOTE: International readers outside of Heroclip's shipping regions. Don't stress. Huckberry and Suburban Hong Kong, will both release this collab next week and will ship to the rest of the world. 

A newsletter update will be sent out with drop times shortly. 


Carryology x Heroclip Seigaiha Stealth


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