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Pacsafe X Carryology Silver Ninja


Exclusive Release | Pacsafe X Carryology Silver Ninja (CE02)

by , June 24, 2021

The Pacsafe x Carryology Silver Ninja (CE02) has appeared from the shadows…

This collaboration marks the second release in our Carryology Essentials program. A celebration of best-in-class gear from the small essential categories. Reimagining the compact champions that excel in EDC and travel use, in limited editions. And offering them at price points that don’t break the bank.

And for this second release (CE02), we’re focusing on the health accessory that all of us have needed to carry. The EDC face mask. As one walks out the door, the quick pocket pat down of “Phone. Wallet. Keys” has now transitioned into “Phone. Wallet. Keys… and, oh yeah… Mask!” And the reality of carrying one with you is here to stay for some time, so why not carry a great one!

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Pacsafe X Carryology Silver Ninja

Our favorite mask, in a limited edition run. 

Well, the thing is, we’re over-the-top gear nerds. And whether it’s a keychain, a backpack, a wallet, or a mask, we want to use and recommend the very best of the best. So just a few months ago, our Senior Editor, Laurence Fry, hunted down the best masks in the world and put them head-to-head in a proper test. 

The victor? You guessed it. Pacsafe’s Silver iON Face Mask took home Best All-Rounder. It was everything we were looking for: it had antimicrobial, barrier and filter protection, it was super breathable, and a 3D-contoured fit that was comfortable all day

So we reached out to our close friends over at Pacsafe – fun fact: we actually did our second ever collab with them, based on the 2015 Carry Awards Best Messenger – and brought up the idea of doing an Essential, based on the Silver iON Face Mask, and they said: Let’s do it!

Pacsafe X Carryology Silver Ninja

Silver ion technology (silver ninja)

The real smarts behind this mask is the layering system. There are five in total. And each one serves a specific function and ensures that the mask’s performance can be retained after washing. 

Pacsafe X Carryology Silver Ninja

And the first, and namesake of the design, is the silver ions fabric, which has been constructed using pure silver-plated and cotton wool yarn. You’ll spot the silver thread stitched across the exterior face of the mask. It’s antimicrobial and offers continuous protection against bacterial growth and disinfects and reduces microbes. So not only does it look damn cool, but it’s kicking butt in the health protection department too. 

Silver ion fabric

And it was this technology, and the fact that we all look like ‘ninjas’ in our masks haha, that decided the codename for this Essential – the Silver Ninja. A fun and playful name, in a time where we all needed a laugh and a smile every now and then. 

EDC face mask

Advanced 5-layer shield

Bolstering the silver-ion exterior there’s a tag team of layers putting in work. The next-to-skin layer is made of ultra-soft Modal fabric and bonded with Graphene yarn, which has antimicrobial, deodorizing, and moisture absorption functions. Then there’s a layer for high fluid resistance made from Meltblown, a high charged built-in filter to catch particles and bacteria, and a ‘skeleton’ to keep its shape and structure.   

Five layers in mask

Furthermore, this mask has been certified to have over 98% filtration efficiency even after 20 washes. And is one of the very few masks that passed the Nelson Labs Particle Test of 99% filtration down to 0.1 micron. You can read the official science-y test results here and here

Comfort and adjustability 

Add in adjustable straps and a nose clip and it’s a design we found comfortable for hours of use, and when pinched to your nose correctly, it even prevents you from fogging up your sunglasses when you walk from heat to AC to heat again. 

Mask adjustment
Mask adjustment

Black Sashiko vibes

Of course, we had some ideas for improvements. How black can we make it? While the standard light gray color seems to be a favorite, proven by thousands of purchases from humans across the earth, we had to go black. Black matches great with everything. Especially other black gear, ha!

Pacsafe X Carryology Silver Ninja

We’ve been loving Japanese geometric patterns as well as the art of sashiko for many years now and we finally have the opportunity to celebrate it via these creative collaborations. We’ve used seigaiha already (and we’re working others into new and unreleased stuff as we speak), so we dug a bit deeper into the archives to find a pattern to complement the angular lines of the silver ion thread showing through the black fabric. We played with several but landed on a sashiko pattern, one mysteriously without a name. It was both ancient but with a futuristic geometric vibe; it matched up perfectly.

Subtle branding 

Generally, we lean towards products that aren’t overly branded and we want our collabs to reflect that. We whipped up a design with an orange label and quickly tossed that into the trash bin. No way. The best way to keep this stealth was to use the existing Pacsafe fabric woven label and add our wordmark logo next to theirs, with a tiny orange “x”. Not too much, just a silent nod.

Subtle branding

Launching globally today

A budget-friendly Carryology Essential, an addition to your EDC, and made to travel… the Pacsafe x Carryology Silver Ninja is available right now, in one limited edition run.

<<< ORDER YOURS TODAY >>> (USA & Canada)

<<< ORDER YOURS TODAY >>> (Rest of the World)

EDC mask

Quick specs

Antimicrobial: Silver ion

Antimicrobial lifetime: Doesn’t wash away

Washable: Yes

Filters: Built-in

Filters specs: High charged filter (static adsorption)

Filter lifetime: 98% filtration efficiency after 20 washes

Material: 77% Cotton, 8% Wool & 15% Silver

*Shuriken not included.

Pacsafe X Carryology Silver Ninja


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