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Exclusive Release | Bellroy X Carryology Chimera


Exclusive Release | Bellroy X Carryology Chimera

by , April 20, 2022


A collaboration years in the making. One pack forged from many parts. Parts carefully selected from Bellroy’s legendary stable for their design excellence – combined to create one of the greatest everyday packs we’ve ever seen. 

Introducing the Bellroy x Carryology Chimera Collection.




Chimera Backpack:

●        Limited run

●        Composite ripstop leather front panel and accents from ECCO Leather

●        Detachable Chimera morale patch

●        Ripstop Baida nylon body fabric

●        Padded 16” laptop sleeve (fits Macbook and some PCs), and document slip pocket

●        Dual-zippered dropdown front panel access

●        Two invisible exterior zip water bottle pockets

●        Adjustable slide hook flap closure

●        Two internal zip mesh pockets on the front panel

●        Versatile mesh pockets, raised out of the crush zone

●        Soft-lined valuables pocket at the top

●        Premium mesh back and shoulder strap padding

●        Adjustable sternum strap

●        Accessory loops on the front and shoulder straps

●      Backed by the Bellroy 3-year warranty


Chimera Slim Sleeve:

●        Limited run

●        Composite ripstop leather from ECCO Leather

●        Debossed brand logo

●        Signature orange accent pull tab

●        2 quick-access slots for daily cards

●        Pull-tab access to bulk card storage

●        Folded bills fit behind the left card slot

●       Backed by Bellroy’s 3-year warranty

●       4 – 8 cards

Bellroy X Carryology Chimera


Chimera Backpack:

Dimensions: 490 x 440 x 135mm

Capacity: 18L and expands to 22L

Model height: 184 cm

Weight: 1250g


Chimera Slim Sleeve:

Dimensions: 95 x 80mm

Bellroy X Carryology Chimera Wallet


This collaboration has been a long time coming. Many of you have listed this as your dream collab. But we’ve been dreaming of this for even longer! 

Since our inception, Carryology and Bellroy have soared off on two different trajectories. Our Carryology community growing to a global audience, becoming a campfire for the industry as a whole to gather around. And Bellroy burgeoning from innovating slim wallets to one of the world’s greatest carry brands. 

But now it felt right for us to come together. To combine our DNAs to build something from the ground up. Something that weaves together our design learning. Something special to stoke the carry community.

Bellroy x Carryology Chimera


In our first design meetings, we found ourselves referencing different packs, their strengths, and the design elements we loved. Piecing them together. Imagining what combining them would look like. It was organic, really. And then it came… what if we take all of our favorite Bellroy elements, and combine them together? To make our ultimate everyday pack. The very best elements from the Apex, the Transit Line, the Shift and MAAP collabs, the Classic V2… to create a Chimera. One fantastic beast, created from the parts of many.

We've thrown everything at it, both teams working at full tilt. Bellroy’s full team of incredibly talented designers, pattern makers, materials experts, and more. All in-house. A small army of legendary minds: ten from Bellroy’s design team in total, two from Carryology’s, and five expert Carryology contributors (Bo Ismono, Vincent Tse, David Vo, Laurence Fry, and John Pangilinan) to help refine the project, and refine again.

Bellroy X Carryology Chimera


Bellroy’s expertise in leather is world-class. So we set them a challenge: to find the pinnacle of leather innovation – and Bellroy’s team did not disappoint. They reached out to the best leather supplier in the world, ECCO Leather (the magicians behind Dyneema bonded leather) and dug through the newest breakthroughs to pinpoint the performance FSDX. A brand new innovation that bonds top-grain leather with a lightweight ripstop, cutting down weight while reinforcing with strength. 

This stuff is space-age, but still retains the luxurious look, feel, and patina of real leather. A 3-layer composite construction; a leather top layer, a ripstop flat yarn mid-layer, and backed with a balance woven nylon. It has incredible tear resistance, improved tensile strength, is lightweight, and is finished with a water-resistant treatment. High-tech performance meets classic handfeel and looks and vibe. It covers the entire front panel in one glorious piece, and accents the grab handle and flap for extra impact and handfeel. 

Bellroy X Carryology Chimera


We’ve always been fans of the sweeping grid pattern with its lightweight strength, and so we decided to celebrate it to its fullest. Seeking an equally amazing secondary ripstop to complement the luscious FSDX. 

Working with Bellroy’s materials expert, we found the perfect solution. First, it starts off with recycled nylon, which is hit with a crinkle finish for incredible handfeel and durability. 

While similar to Bellroy’s famous Baida nylon, it’s unique to this collab. It’s slightly less stiff so it’s even easier to use, providing just a touch of stretch and drape. The best way to describe it would be a Baida crinkle nylon micro ripstop, custom created by an expert Taiwanese mill and hit with a PU X2 backer for improved water resistance.


The combination of the micro Baida and FSDX is one killer combination: luxurious, technical, lightweight and rugged, all at the same time. And you know we had to go #allblackeverything. Because of this, this pack can go anywhere: from the streets, to offices and everything in-between, blending in and standing out in perfect harmony. 

Patterned with an idea of lightness, with a modified base, and smooth sweeping shape, the Chimera shape is clean and timeless. All thanks to the in-house Bellroy pattern ninja formerly from Arc’teryx apparel, who sculpted the silhouette in the Bellroy HQ.

All in all, 14 sub-assemblies were created and then 8-9 different full prototypes, each inching closer to perfection, resulting in the final Chimera.


We’re Carryology… of course we’re going to aim for the stars and select the most premium product available for inspiration when it comes to these collabs. Well, for us, the Apex’s shining features are the access and organization. We just had to have that incredible full-access Apex flap with dual vertical YKK zippers, so you can get to all your gear when you need it, and get to it fast and without friction. 

Then, we've rethought the Apex top flap. While the Apex is a thing of beauty, we wanted to make it even more functional and even more beautiful. So the flap has gone under the knife for some resculpting, making it a little less wide, and more sculpted with an updated pattern. 

The interior uses the same four-way stretch gigamesh pocketing as the Apex, and incorporates the Apex’s ‘tool kit’ approach to pockets, offering up a ring of quality pocketing, easy to access, and out of the crush zones. 

Bellroy X Carryology Chimera


At 18L and expanding to 22L, the Chimera is our ultimate everyday pack but with refinement and elegance dialed up, so this pack can move into more formal and fashion environments. 

To make sure we're nailing those urban-ready needs, we included a list of finer details: strap keepers to keep your dangling webbing neat and clean. A suspended laptop compartment and tablet sleeve. And a gigamesh-lined quick-access pocket on the top lid, to keep your sunnies or valuables snug and protected from scratches.


A signature feature of our collaboration. Unlike our eye-melting interiors of the past, we’ve bumped up the elegance and refinement here, selecting a three-tone interior for inside the main compartment, so there’s still our signature high visibility but dialed down to a work-friendly vibe. 

Bellroy x Carryology Chimera


I’ve gone on record to say the two rear access pockets on the Transit are my two favorite pockets, ever. Seriously. So these were a critical addition to us. Not only did the Bellroy design team love it, but together we completely redesigned the pockets and back panel with an hourglass silhouette. This provides easier access to the pockets as well as additional volume to the pockets, allowing you to carry larger items without stealing a bunch of your interior volume. 

Lastly, the pockets are lined with PU-coated ripstop to create an additional water barrier, just in case you’re storing a leaky water bottle in there, and for that little extra peace of mind. 

Bellroy X Carryology Chimera


The iconic Slide Hook mechanism first designed on the Bellroy Shift is our chosen closure. It allows for a secure, unique, easy, and fast access solution to a well-secured main compartment. Access and security. Cast from metal (nickel) and then coated with a black top hardcoat for durability. Our system is redesigned with two different layers of webbing, so the hook slides in easily, and interlocks with the second layer of internal webbing to keep things closed via solid positive engagement – but still pops open easily when you want it to.

The webbing weaves through the front layer of leather, providing several loops down the front panel to help the pack expand and accommodate however much you’re carrying, allowing you to refine the fit throughout the day.


Bellroy X Carryology Chimera


The completely redesigned harness is one of our favorites in the game for daily carry packs. A long air channel sweeps down the spine for air circulation and two flanks hug the back with premium air mesh to provide comfort for long days of carry. 

The shoulder straps use a dual-density foam design (soft on the underside for comfort and hard on the top for structure) in an edgeless contoured form, designed to fit snug to the body. The straps also use gigamesh for the underside of the straps for a luxe and gentle feel against the skin. 



We always want our collaborations to be long-lasting pieces of awesomeness and this is no different. The micro ripstop Baida does a fine job of warding off scuffs and scratches but the Bellroy team went above and beyond, secreting reinforcements ‘under the hood’ with hidden bartacks and reinforcing all major intersections, with strong and bold box stitches to secure the top and cushy grab handle. 

Bellroy x Carryology Chimera


We brought on the genius Hadrien Monloup, one of the co-founders of Carryology, to design the morale patch and our very own mythological Chimera to represent this collaboration. 

It's a coming together of three creatures close to our hearts: the Owl, representing Bellroy and their brand logo/mascot. A kangaroo to represent Carryology HQ (as we were founded in Australia). And Rattlesnake, to give a nod to the USA side of the Carryology team (specifically Texas, where I reside). 

It's a patch designed for storytelling and performance – a four-layer print on a reflective patch, so you can attach it to your pack when on the bike or walking at night, and it’ll catch those headlights and keep you safe. 

We took some inspiration from the Bellroy x MAAP Shift Backpack, which had two reinforced loops towards the base, there to add an LED flashing light for cyclists to be seen when commuting. We took these two loops and created a custom folding patch to wrap over and around, using a molded hook to attach securely. 

Want to flash your Owl/Kangaroo/Rattlesnake Chimera patch? Attach it in just a second. Or keep your Chimera clean, pop your patch into a pocket, and have the option to add a bike light (or whatever else you’d like).

Bellroy X Carryology Chimera


You know we couldn’t do a project with Bellroy and not do a wallet. And so this is the Chimera Collection – the ultimate everyday pack with the ultimate everyday wallet. 

Bellroy X Carryology Chimera

Inspired by the Bellroy Slim Sleeve Premium, this pocket companion is wrapped in ECCO’s FSDX bonded ripstop leather, and kitted out with high-vis pull-tab and surprise Chimera beast print. 

It’s a standout luxe piece that will patina, feel great in the hand, and complement your Chimera pack like no other. 

Bellroy X Carryology Chimera


This is a pack made of many parts, but all working together to create one truly fantastic beast, for a project between two brands born from the same founders, finally coming together on our first backpack project. 

We’re proud of this one. And we know it’s going to stoke you. So make sure to act fast. This is a very special project designed for the carry community, in a one-time-only drop. 




(Canadian readers: our apologies, there's been a delay to Bellroy's Canadian warehouse and a 2-3 week delivery delay is expected) 



Launching April 26th and 27th (various drop times). Please visit retailers' social channels for specific drop times. 

Suburban (Hong Kong)

Huckberry (USA)

Rushfaster (Australia)

Keus (France)

Bellroy X Carryology Chimera


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