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The Carry Awards :: The Perfect Pack Presents…

by , April 5, 2017

The Perfect Pack Facebook community is the Internet’s home for diehard pack fans and collectors. This group is all about bags – and nothing else. Everything from backpacks to shoulder bags and cases…you name it, they’re into it. Discussing the merits, calling out opportunities for improvement, and sharing in the passion for great bags. Sounds like carry nirvana to us. Which is why we asked these bag-loving enthusiasts to share their top picks on the carry that’s caught their attention in 2016/2017…

Alpha One Niner Recon 9 EVADE

Alpha One Niner Recon 9 EVADE

The EVADE was one of the first proper crowd sourced packs, starting on the Everyday Carry Forums and becoming a hit with the EDC community as a whole. It’s sleek, comfy and wonderfully organised. There’s also a range of fabric and colorway options to suit various environments and personal tastes.

Triple Aught Design Azimuth Pack

Triple Aught Design Azimuth Pack

The Azimuth excels as a lightweight and versatile bag that’s good for carrying the essentials, whether on a day hike or hitting the city streets. Its packable design makes it convenient for carrying in luggage or a larger weekend or day bag. The pack provides handy top and side access, a choice of pockets to stash your gear, and is also hydration bladder compatible.

Prometheus Design Werx S.H.A.D.O. Pack

Prometheus Design Werx SHADO Pack

Patrick Ma’s first bag offering since departing from Triple Aught Design, this pack was a hit with the active community as a multi-use adventure pack. The S.H.A.D.O. V2 is out, and improves on a couple of key points from V1. Two clamshell-style compartments provide easy packing and access to gear, a range of pockets and exterior attachment points are on hand for organization, and the design is versatile enough to move between EDC and travel use.

If you’re feelin’ any of this stellar recommendations, click over to the Carry Awards and log your vote. 


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