The Fifth Annual Carry Awards :: Have Your Say!

The Carry Awards are here! That time of the year where we salute the world’s best carry across a range of niches, praising innovation, giving the thumbs up for functionality, and sighing appreciatively over covet-worthy styling. And when it comes to dropping serious carry knowledge, our readers do it right. Digging into the details, sharing the passion, and delivering solid recommendations for trusty gear. So we’re looking to you now to embrace that enthusiasm and give us your opinions on top-notch carry that stood out over 2016/2017.

Voting considerations

What should influence your voting decision? We’re looking for the best of the best, so consider whether a piece is worthy of your nomination. What makes it stand out above the rest? Does it display awesome innovation? Does it nail ‘fitness for purpose’? Perhaps it shines with a refined balance of functionality and style? Think carefully, and if you think it merits recognition, nominate it in the appropriate category below.

Carry Awards Trophy2

Try to keep the focus on pieces from 2016/2017. However, we understand that sometimes great pieces from previous years can be overlooked. So if you think of such a piece that deserves to be noticed, feel free to go ahead and nominate it.


Take note, previous winners are not eligible. It’s not that we don’t love them, but we think new carry deserves its chance in the spotlight too. And hey, why would brands try to improve pieces if they just kept winning all the time? 😉

That being said, if previous winners have been updated significantly (it needs to be meaningful, not just a new color or fabric option), then they’re back in the race and you can cast your vote for them to try and help them over the finish line first.


Unbiased praise for solid contributions to the carry world

Our Carry Awards are unbiased and not influenced by any brand affiliation. Big brands and small brands alike have an equal opportunity to score fame and praise for putting in the effort and creating truly great carry gear.