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Carry Awards

Best Specialist Carry – The Carry Awards

by , December 20, 2012

Specialist Carry has always been the category with the most sense of discovery. These are specialist solutions for difficult tasks. Protecting expensive camera gear or hiding from water while you’re trying to play, we’re seeing some very clever stuff.

While versatility can be a bonus, this is more about how well they perform the specific job they were created for.

So get in and nominate your favorite Specialist solution…

Douchebag 2.0

While the innovative Douchebag 1.0 did enough for a nomination, they’ve already released a tweaked and refined version ready to carry your snow planks to every corner of the globe. We can’t wait to see some of these ideas rolled out to other specialist areas like surfboards and kayaks.

SealLine Duffle

A water-resistant duffle without all the complexity, this bag will get used for much more than just your white-water adventures. The flat profile stacks well, and the zipper opens wide.

Cilogear Ultimate High Elevation Alpine Climbing Pack

We’ve talked about the emergence of UHMWPE as a specialist carry fabric, and Cilogear are some of the lead pioneers in this ‘stronger than steel’ material. Their Dyneema Worksacks are customized for many of the most extreme mountain folk in the world, hauling gear where failure would mean death.

Incase Ari Marcopoulos

We know photogs who suffer froth explosions when talking about this bag. It’s a mid size camera sling that nails access on the go while somehow avoiding the dorky slinga look. A big step forwards.

Watershed Large Tote

This is like the big blue IKEA bag for Waterworld. Great capacity, convenience and grab handles are complemented by incredible water-proofness in a tote that can migrate to urban duties (especially if you live somewhere like Seattle or Glasgow).

Kata 3N1-22 DL 

Kata are without doubt one of the most advanced camera bag makers in the world, truly innovating with ideas to help both access and protection. Their 3N1 series has been updated, and the results are a very versatile and compelling solution for serious photogs, which can be slung, cross strapped or front carried in a creative dance of options.

ABS Vario 15

Airbag solutions for mountain packs are coming in from several of the industries best makers, as they’ve saved several lives already when snow starts to slide. So why is it ABS that made the cut? These are the guys that The North Face went to for helping design their own. They’re pro’s with a head start (they kinda invented the things), and their Vario shows that.

Voting has closed and winners have been selected. Check out the winners here. 


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