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Carry Awards

Hall of Fame – The Carry Awards

by , December 21, 2012

Hall of Fame – The Carry Awards

So now we’re down to the classic stuff, the carry gear that has helped really shape our industry. We could try to invent an exact formula for Hall of Fame nomination, but I think we’d be kidding ourselves.

Basically, it comes down to respect and influence.

These should be the carry pieces that just worked. They connected with customers in a new way. They opened up new markets, new ways to carry, or just got it right in a way no-one had before.

Let us know which piece you think should be immortalised in our Carry Hall of Fame…

PAC Designs Pro Series Messenger

From a humble base in Ontario, Pat McGibbon has since 1989 quietly contributed more to the messenger bag than probably any other. The Anti-Sway strap (that third arm stabilizer any good bag uses), D Ring adjusting (the quick main strap resize trick), X-straps, tarp sandwich constructions, and ballistic bottoms. Her Pro Series bags have been the flagship for these features, and have been embraced as core tools of the job by an army of couriers.

Hall of Fame – The Carry Awards

Fjällräven Kånken

This totable backpack has since 1978 hauled millions of school books, countless squashed bananas, and worn almost as many nicknames (including “the Communist Hunchback”). It was designed to balance the load for children, who were being tilted by the prevailing satchels of the time. Over 3 million Kankens later, we think it can be considered to have succeeded, and is very worthy of your vote.

Hall of Fame – The Carry Awards

IKEA big blue bag

Yeah, this might seem weird, but think about it. These are sold around the globe for about a buck, they haul shopping, clothes, work gear or kids. They have 2 perfectly sized handle options, hold up to abuse, and are cheap enough to have everywhere (so they’re always in reach). Oh, and they have cult sites dedicated to them. Sounds like a Hall of Famer to us.

Hall of Fame – The Carry Awards

Dakine Heli Pro

Designed in the late 90’s, the Heli Pro helped define the category of technical snow daypacks. Its slim silhouette allowed freedom of movement, its external pockets where shaped to suggest what lived in them, and the whole package just looked impressively dialed. Not only did this pack quickly start appearing on mountains around the globe, it also became a badge of membership on college campuses and city streets. There have been small refinements made since, but the core of the pack still remains one of the best looking snow packs available. Heck, one of the best looking packs of any kind.

Hall of Fame – The Carry Awards

Voting has closed and winners have been selected. Check out the winners here. 


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