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Carry Awards

Best Carry On Finalists – Carry Awards

by , December 19, 2012

Best Carry On Finalists – Carry Awards

So what makes for an award winning Carry On? Fitting cabin restrictions is a good start. As is swallowing a short trip’s worth of clothing and toys. While there are lots of great wheeled Carry Ons, all our finalists are non-wheeled. This might reflect the added flexibility you get in a small size bag when you can just sling it on and go (not to mention weight savings).

While these bags work well beyond the airport, it’s the tightening of luggage restrictions that is spurring the most development, as people try to take everything in one bag. That means we’re seeing more personality and options than ever, which might make it tricky to pick a favorite. But go on, you know you want to…

Incase EO Backpack

While there’s lots of interesting gear in the new EO Travel Collection, it was the backpack that feels the most dialed. Big capacity, loads of organising, and looks that can travel the world. With office looks/skills, and smart packing aids, we think this will become a feature bag for the short work trip crowd. Impressive.

Best Carry On Finalists – Carry Awards

QWSTION Weekender

Loads of carry options, resolved fabrics, and a really versatile feature set help the Qwstion Weekender right up into the nominees. This is one of the few weekenders that deals well with some tech, while looking anything but.

Best Carry On Finalists – Carry Awards

Goruck GR2

The GR2 takes the OneBag philosophy, and gives it military grade cojones. The proportions are super functional, the compression is just enough, and the build quality will outlast your wanderlust. And yep, this also received a million billion votes in the nominations.

Best Carry On Finalists – Carry Awards

Billykirk Large Carryall

Billykirk has had a recent injection of awesomeness, adding loads of new to an already solid range. Their 166 Large Carryall takes a traditional Doctor’s Bag format, but adds just enough modern vibe to make it feel totally fresh.

Best Carry On Finalists – Carry Awards


The less you do, the more right it has to be, and the KILLSPENCER Weekender nails that formula. A straight zipper is given room to extend, so you get full access in a very minimal and refined bag. This is very refined without being effeminate, a balancing act that KS is truly mastering.

Best Carry On Finalists – Carry Awards

Filson x Levi’s

Two classic brands jamming on a beautiful Duffel, this bag has more personality than a small town B&B. Oiled denim, blanket wool, bridle leather and bomber snap closures in a user friendly layout make it an awesome inclusion in this list.

Best Carry On Finalists – Carry Awards

Lexdray London Garment

The Holy Grail of luggage is to be able to live out of a bag as if you were at home, and the London Garment bag goes darn close. A lot of clever ideas help you organise fancy clothes with all your work and personal effects, no matter where your travels take you.

Best Carry On Finalists – Carry Awards

Voting has closed and winners have been selected. Check out the winners here. 


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