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Carry Awards

Best Active Messenger Finalists – Carry Awards

by , December 18, 2012

There was a time when messenger bags belonged only on bike messengers. But the single shoulder format works great for access on the go, and so has been embraced across urban environments around the globe.

Our nominees this year show some of the evolution that comes from this wider adoption. From new takes on the classic format, to tactical and EDC brands adding their spin to the game, we think the next few years will be exciting times in messenger land.

Be sure to nominate your favorite active messenger and get it the recognition you think it deserves.

Trakke Mule

Our first nominee is new to the scene, but oozes personality and cred. From a base in Glasgow (think tough, gritty and very wet city), Trakke are mixing old world fabrics with new world construction. Their Mule messenger is a broad, masculine bag with high end hardware and lots of interesting details.

Bagjack Next Level

Bagjack are a big deal in Germany. And Japan. If you haven’t heard of them, it’s because they fly below the radar in most other regions. Their Next Level messenger might change that, with its Inspector Gadget assortment of tricks and features. This messenger can adapt to almost any need you might have for it.

Porter Protect

There are few bags that can jump between the office and your next adventure the way the Porter Protect can. Gore-tex fabrics, all weather zippers and flawlessly arranged pocketing somehow disappears into the background when you need to look sharp infront of a client. This is the Japanese brand at its most versatile.

Mission Workshop Rummy

Yes, there are a lot of Mission Workshop nominations, but we think they are well deserved. Their Rummy now has more expensive versions available, but this base bag remains the clearest value version of the lot. Incredibly comfortable, as well as being clever in it’s adaptability, the Rummy has won lots of fans.

Timbuk2 Custom

The Timbuk2 Custom is more of a program of bags rather than just one version. A lot of work has gone into ensuring you can build a messenger in the way you want, and to look the way you’d like. It’s a solid design, made even better through its customizability.

Chrome Citizen Elements LTD

The Chrome Citizen Elements LTD has taken the classic format and added fabric interest for a fresh look. For a classic format messenger, it’s hard to go past the proportions and details of the Citizen.

Acronym 3A-5TSR

Acronym work closely with Bagjack, so this is almost a collaborative entry for the German brands. But where Bagjack have a strong cycling connection, Acronym are much more EDC. With the 3RDARM series you get original thinking, arresting looks, and an active messenger system that can be configured for most places you care to go. The 3A-5TSR is one of the flagships of the range – expensive, but incredible.

Voting has closed and winners have been selected. Check out the winners here. 


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