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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 22 September

by , September 22, 2012

Welcome to the Week In Review where we have some good-looking leather that will keep your phone and cash safe, a selection of versatile options for keeping your camera scratch-free when not in use and a backpack that’s seen more road than many a hitchhiker. Plus we have some great insight on the heritage trend and an awesome carry setup for a bike…

Taking the bull by the horns: Bison leather goods

Week In Review ~ 22 SeptemberBison is rocking a selection of leather wallets and iPhone sleeves that combine rugged good looks with hardwearing materials and durable construction to handle all of life’s daily knocks with ease and keep the contents well protected. The products are made in the USA utilizing Horween Chromexcel® leather and American and Italian vegetable tanned leathers. Plus the hand stitching adds additional aesthetic appeal.

Cool camera carry

Week In Review ~ 22 September

In the market for a camera bag and stumped for ideas? Maybe a pouch would suit your needs or perhaps you would prefer a messenger or a backpack for additional equipment space. Check out this guide that highlights a selection of camera carry options that could be just what you’re after.

How to carry everything but the kitchen sink on a bike

Week In Review ~ 22 September

Bikes are designed to carry people but that’s not all they can carry. Chances are that you aren’t going to be doing anything like the extreme carrying in the link but there are times when you’ll need to carry a fair amount that just won’t all fit in a backpack, for instance when touring by bike for several days. So how do you go about packing all your essentials in such a way that you’ll actually be able to cycle in a straight line? Well this setup is a pretty good place to start for inspiration. You can either buy carry products like the ones in the link or if you’re feeling industrious you can make your own. We’ve got handy DIY guides for making your own  bicycle pannier and  frame bag. Sure, it takes time and effort to create your own, but you can customize the functionality and looks however you like, which is pretty sweet indeed.

Backpack Brazil-style

Week In Review ~ 22 September

How many backpacks get to say they traveled the road, literally? The Belem Backpack from The Real Deal Brazil used to be a truck tarp in a past life but has now been reincarnated as a backpack with two front pockets, a zippered front flap and a divider inside. The pack measures 16 inches high by 11.5 inches wide by 9 inches deep, so there’s ample space for day-to-day usage.

Some insights into heritage

Week In Review ~ 22 September

Ah, heritage. Heritage is pretty much everywhere you look nowadays. We have a pretty awesome guest post from Mike Weiss, the guy behind Triple Aught Design’s marketing, who provides some great insight and thoughts on the trend of heritage, which you can read for yourself here.


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