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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 12 April

Week In Review ~ 12 April

by , April 12, 2015

Fancy checking out Filson’s new limited edition bags? Bored with your current MacBook case? We’ve got you covered in our Week In Review…

Filson gets even tougher

Filson Limited Release Horween Leather and Tempered Finish bags

If you’re a fan of Filson, you’re probably thinking how can you improve on perfection? Well it turns out you can, with the addition of beautiful Horween leather. Filson has released limited edition bags for Spring 2015 that combine their rugged twill fabric with Horween leather in areas of high wear. So you get Filson’s renowned durability – on steroids. Styles range from a tote and duffle to Filson’s Heritage Sportsman bag.

A personalized touch from Oppermann

Oppermann London

Having a beautifully crafted piece of luxury carry to call your own is pretty sweet. Having that piece personalized makes it even more special – and a good way to keep twitchy fingers from covetous onlookers off your gear. Oppermann create superior quality leather goods and have just introduced a personalization service on their Hattrick Cardholder and Swanfield Wallet. Simply add the ‘Embossing Service’ to the cart during the checkout process.

Building fun into tech carry

Brik Case

A lot of times the focus on carry is aesthetics or functionality…with not a lot of consideration given to how fun it is to use. The Brik Case covers all three areas, with eye-catching aesthetics, light and durable construction and an easy-to-use design that clips on and off a MacBook, not to mention bags of fun. Get creative with customizing the case by attaching toy bricks in any design or message you can think of – you can even make designs that will hold business cards. The Brik Case Kickstarter campaign has already built up more than double its funding goal but there’s still time left if you’re keen to cement this as part of your daily carry.

Fashion with a sustainable focus

C6 x Christopher Raeburn Men's Printed Backpack

C6 and British designer Christopher Raeburn have teamed up to produce a collection of backpacks and laptop sleeves featuring an eye-catching animal print. As part of his collection each season Raeburn creates an animal from fabric off-cuts to highlight his focus on sustainable design. Ten animals have been created so far and each one features in the print. The C6 x Christopher Raeburn Men’s Printed Canvas Backpack fits a 15-inch laptop, with several sections for organizing your gear and a zippered closure.

*Editor’s Note: Oppermann London has now rebranded to Carl Friedrik.


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.