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Week in Review

Week In Carry ~ 5 May

by , May 5, 2012

Week In Carry ~ 5 May

A round up of some top things floating around the ‘net earlier this week. From the hardcore to the downright beautiful, check out what’s been drawing attention this week in Carry…

Week In Carry ~ 5 MaySaving the day at dawn…cocktails in the evening

So maybe the fate of the world doesn’t rest on your shoulders but why shouldn’t you have a weekender bag that will stand up to whatever life may throw at you (after all, isn’t the point of such bags to lure you into adventure?…)  Made in the USA and used by Marines, this bag has you covered whether you’re booting up or suiting up.  Whether you’re traveling to battles in the boardroom or to bungee off somewhere ridiculously high, the FOR75 Deployer FoamTec military spec rolling footlocker from Forceprotector Gear has your back.

Week In Carry ~ 5 May

She’s a looker…

There is no denying the Trash Cougar Female from Travelteq is one good-looking laptop bag.  These beauties are handmade in Italy using vegetable-tanned leather.  They have water-resistant nylon linings and a range of compartments that are suitable for your phone, pen, sunglasses, travel documents and so forth.  The laptop compartment can hold up to a 15-inch laptop.  There’s also a nifty leather strip for attaching the bag to airport trolleys and the like.

Week In Carry ~ 5 May

Office Envy: Côte&Ciel Flat Backpack

You can’t fit a round peg in a square hole, but you can fit flat gadgets in a flat backpack.  The idea seems simple enough but often the simple ones are the best and it makes you wonder why there aren’t more backpacks like the Côte&Ciel Flat Backpack around.  A clever design feature is placing the shoulder strap webbing attachment point on the front side of the backpack so that there isn’t undue stress placed on the zipper whilst wearing the backpack loaded with weight.  Best thing since sliced bread?  Jury’s out on that one.  However, it certainly is a good way to induce envy at the office…

Week In Carry ~ 5 May

Shining the spotlight on Lévrier

Founded by Dan Burbridge (a cyclist and photographer), Lévrier is a brand based in Bristol, England, that creates waterproof messenger and courier bags for cyclists (and if you’ve lived in the UK, you know how wet it can get…)

Week In Carry ~ 5 May

Snapshot: ONA Camps Bay review

Photographer Douglas Sonders has produced a neat review of the ONA Camps Bay backpack, which is useful for carrying photographic equipment as well as a laptop.


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