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chaco x huckberry

The Adventure-Ready Sandals You Didn’t Know You Needed for Summer

by , June 16, 2021

Huckberry and Chaco have teamed up to offer two sandal designs that will have you ready to go in no time.

The fine folks at Huckberry have a good eye, they always have! We’ve covered a few of their notable collaborations over the last year (LEMS, Lululemon, Mystery Ranch, and Danner) and they’ve all been excellent updates to stellar products. As summer graces us with its presence, Huckberry have partnered with adventure sandal savants Chaco to collaborate on two sandal options – the Huckberry x Chaco Agave Chillo Slide and the Agave Z1.

We gladly got our hands on the Chillo Slide, and it has quickly become a warm-weather favorite. Functional, stylish, and excellent value for money, the Chillo is the ideal companion for all of your summer adventures.

Huckberry x Chaco Chillo Agave

Take These Anywhere

In the looks department, these are hard to beat. Easy to dress up with chinos and a shirt, or dress down into the riverbed with your wide brim hat and shorts, these are more versatile than your average sports slide. The Agave-inspired design on the webbing brings a tasteful pop of color against the rich navy midsole. The navy and olive combination make these a versatile option that has traveled with me extensively in the past four weeks – from city to beach, and everywhere in between. The lightweight nature of these makes them an easy choice to pack into a weekender or backpack.

Beach slides

Comfort Is King

Originally designed as recovery sandals, these slides are perfect for taking a load off after a heavy day on the trail, running errands, or slipping on for a quick jaunt to the ocean’s edge. The LUVSEAT™ EVA midsole is cushioned enough to take the edge off for fatigued feet, but not to the point where you feel like you might tip over. The lightweight construction of the Chillos makes them a joy to wear, and they even float in the water! The sole provides good traction on a variety of terrains regardless of activity.

Huckberry x Chaco Chillo Agave

You can adjust the straps a small amount by the buckle to increase comfort, but I’ve found the out-of-box fit to be spot on. If you do need a more supportive and dialed-in fit for more taxing outings (think serious hiking), that’s where the heftier Z1 would be your choice.

Huckberry x Chaco Chillo Agave


I haven’t really stuck with slides before. I often find the all-rubber construction of traditional slides to be a perfect formula for blisters and discomfort for anything more than a quick walk. However, with the Chillos I’ve been able to wear them regularly for all my day-to-day activities, thanks to their rubber sole and cloth strap pairing. They are perfect to wear to rugby training; as you slide into them after running around, your feet are thankful! They are just what you want when running outside to grab a cat hiding from a thunderstorm or down your driveway before the garbage truck pulls away without your recycling. They’ve even been the air conditioning that I needed on a 95ºF day walking around NYC with a brutal hangover in the heat.

Chaco x Huckberry

For $60, I think the Huckberry x Chaco Chillos are hard to beat as a pair of workhorse slides. In true Chaco fashion, they are robust, comfortable, and designed with the outdoors in mind.

Huckberry have a knack of picking not just great partners for their collaborations, but also great products – and they’ve done so again here. The Agave plant thrives in testing conditions and can survive just about anything – I think these might do just the same.

The Chillo and Z1 Agave collection are available now from Huckberry.

Huckberry x Chaco Chillo


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