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lems trailhead review

Are These the Most Versatile (And Packable) Sneakers Around?

by , March 29, 2021

Huckberry and Lems team up to revitalize the best day-to-day travel sneaker on the market. Meet the Huckberry x Lems Trailhead.

At Carry HQ, we are big fans of LEMS footwear. They’ve seemingly taken the shoes that we all like and enhanced them. Making them more comfortable, packable, and versatile than ever before. Their range encompasses all that a modern adventurer could need, from waterproof boots to day-to-day chukkas and even adventure-ready sneakers.

Huckberry x Lems Trailhead
Huckberry x Lems Trailhead

The Trailhead shoes are some of my favorite sneakers, full stop. I’ve been wearing them for about seven months now. And while I love my boots (particularly my Chelsea boots), when it’s sneaker time, I always come back to the Trailheads. Once you factor in this partnership with the style gurus at Huckberry, creating a vibrant spring-ready palette, it just makes me happy that these can stay on my feet for even longer. 

Huckberry x Lems Trailhead

We talk a lot about crossover items here at Carryology. It seems to be the holy grail for a modern product; something that truly excels in both work and play. Well, the Trailhead manages that with consummate ease. They are designed to work anywhere, as the name suggests – from trailhead to town, and I’ve found them to be great in both situations. 

Huckberry x Lems Trailhead

The sole is robust enough for a day hike, and can honestly handle some pretty challenging terrain.  Just bear in mind, they aren’t waterproof. While I wouldn’t replace my dedicated hikers with these, if I’m taking one pair of shoes overnight or on a weekend away, and I need to trust them to handle most situations? These are coming with me. The rubber outsole has enough traction to tackle most trails. But it’s low profile enough that it won’t be destroyed on urban streets.

Huckberry x Lems Trailhead

A friend of mine is a florist who does major events and weddings, so he is constantly on his feet for hours and hours at a time. He wears these and said he will never buy another shoe for work. They have traction, arch support, and are versatile enough to pop in and out of venues without looking out of place. I agree with him. These have become my go-to sneakers for day-to-day errands, hiking, and travel. Particularly when they weigh in at just under 12oz! 

Huckberry x Lems Trailhead

The fact that I like them is all well and good, but what about the technical side of these sneakers? Firstly, the natural toe box is a game changer. While I haven’t quite migrated to five-fingered shoes yet, we can all agree that the less time our toes are spent jammed into odd shapes, the better. I naturally have a fairly wide plant when I step, so I’ve often found sneakers a bit of a challenge. Particularly ‘fashionable’ ones which tend to be narrower. This natural-shaped toe box on the Trailheads doesn’t widen the whole shoe (another challenge of shoe wearing!).

Versatile everyday sneaker

Rather it has width and height around the top third of your foot. This allows walking, hiking, or dancing for hours on end to be comfortable and a non-issue! I really do like this feature, and I’ve noticed a significant reduction in foot fatigue over the last seven months of wearing these. Combined with the low heel drop (4mm compared to the traditional 12mm) and an EVA midsole, these sneakers allow you to walk more naturally, with less stress on your body. I think that’s an admirable trait in a pair of sneakers. And it is the biggest reason I continue to return to my Lems. Comfort is king here.

Huckberry x Lems Trailhead

Aesthetically, Lems just get me. The retro vibe of the Trailheads makes them fit into any wardrobe or location. Updated with the new Desert Khaki colorway, it’s hard not to love them. With orange lace loops, a pop of teal around the heel, and speckled throughout the laces, this collaboration with Huckberry is screaming out for the warmer months, just like the rest of us. The suede upper is going to look better and better the more you use them. But the air mesh around the ankles and on top of the toe keeps you cool, no matter how many miles you put on them. I’m yet to have the dreaded feet sweats while hiking in these.

Exclusive colorway
Speckled laces

Huckberry has a habit of picking the right products and brands to collaborate with. That story stays the same here. With a stylish but subtle update to this already excellent sneaker, they’ve done it again. If you’re looking for a sneaker that can truly become a one-stop shop for your adventures both urban and rural, look no further than the Huckberry x Lems Trailhead.

Huckberry x Lems Trailhead


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