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Harvest Label FLYER’S 70XX Backpack

Harvest Label FLYER’S 70XX Backpack | A ’90s Icon Reinvented

by , July 16, 2021

Harvest Label have been in the business of carry for a quarter of a century. And you don’t enjoy that kind of brand longevity unless you’re doing something right. In Harvest Label’s case, that’s several things.

The Japanese brand has consistently strived for high quality, functionality, and innovation in its offerings, while also firmly saluting the past as a valuable source of inspiration. And this respect for the past is evident in their FLYER’S 70XX Backpack. A reproduction of a discontinued model from the ’90s, but reinvented for modern urban needs.

Harvest Label FLYER’S 70XX Backpack

Military inspiration for modern-day use

The FLYER’S 70XX backpack is based on Harvest Label’s original SUPER HARCULES series backpack launched in 1998. A favorite design with the brand and customers alike, it’s now brought back to life and upgraded in all the right ways. This is modern street-style and vintage all in one!

Super Harcules

The Harvest Label FLYER’S 70XX Backpack is inspired by classic survival vests worn by military pilots and aircrew. The unique design intentionally integrates military-inspired pieces such as metal zippers and components, hook-and-loop, and mesh fabric, saluting its heritage and original design. Not to mention ensuring hard-wearing toughness for the demands of a modern world.

Harvest Label FLYER’S 70XX Backpack

Organization for days (and nights)

Take one look at the Harvest Label FLYER’S 70XX Backpack and the first thing that stands out is the pocket layout. This pack is popping with organization. Great for keeping your day-to-day essentials easily accessible, while also creating a distinct, head-turning ‘aircrew vest’ vibe.

Harvest Label FLYER’S 70XX Backpack
Harvest Label FLYER’S 70XX Backpack

The exterior offers a wealth of pocketing options to accommodate smaller and larger items alike. A front vertical zipper reveals a mesh pocket that’s handy for a water bottle and compact umbrella.

Harvest Label FLYER’S 70XX Backpack

The pack also features 2-in-1 organization with pockets layered on top of each other, plus a concealed valuables pocket.

Harvest Label FLYER’S 70XX Backpack
Harvest Label FLYER’S 70XX Backpack

Inside the pack is a padded laptop sleeve that fits up to a 16″ MacBook Pro. The main compartment opens wide for easy access.

Laptop sleeve

Then there’s the clever modular organization. Namely, a detachable shoulder bag that attaches to the inner main compartment of the backpack. Keep it in the pack for extra organization or remove it to use as a standalone shoulder bag or hip bag depending on your preferences.

Harvest Label
Harvest Label FLYER’S 70XX Backpack

Whether you’re using this pack as a work bag, overnight travel bag, or about-town buddy, you’ve got plenty of options to tailor it to various loads and outings.

Shoulder bag

Patch personality

A patch is a fun way to bring personality to your carry. The FLYER’S 70XX includes an exclusive patch that can be secured to a hook-and-loop panel on the front exterior pocket. Of course, you can swap this for your patch of choice to suit your personal style. The pack also comes with a removable cover if you want to opt for a clean, patch-free aesthetic.

Harvest Label FLYER’S 70XX Backpack

Construction without compromise

The Harvest Label FLYER’S 70XX Backpack is all about quality without compromise, in materials and craftsmanship alike. YKK zippers and custom-made metal components for the zipper pulls and snap button caps give this pack a premium feel. And the metal components are designed to age and offer a vintage aesthetic over time that celebrates the bag’s many adventures and long-term durability.

Custom metal components

The main exterior fabric features three layers and uses the same bonded construction as the iconic MA-1 bomber-style jackets worn by ’50s Air Force pilots. However, it’s been upgraded to a DWR-coated Cordura® nylon twill offering protection from the elements and durability in one. Yet it still retains a soft, smooth handfeel. The nylon is made by a bluesign® approved textile manufacturer, which combined with the hard-wearing metal components and superb craftsmanship creates a pack that’s sustainable by design, built to last for many years of use.

MA-1 bomber jacket
Cordura nylon twill

The pack comes with a removable sternum strap and waist belt to tweak the setup to your preferences. And with three colorways including BLACK (BLK), AIR FORCE BLUE (AFB), and SAGE GREEN (SGN), you’ve got style preferences covered too. 

Harvest Label FLYER’S 70XX Backpack

The pack has a lifetime warranty against manufacturing and material defects for the original owner. And if you do need to get it repaired, Harvest Label has their own production studio that will repair general wear and tear throughout the life of the bag, for an at-cost repair charge.

Harvest Label
Harvest Label FLYER’S 70XX Backpack

Past meets present…and beyond

Harvest Label is a brand with decades of design pedigree, stretching all the way back to 1995. And they’ve used this experience to craft a pack designed for decades of use to come. With truly expert in-house craftsmanship, premium materials, and a truly unique and eye-catching form, the Harvest Label FLYER’S 70XX Backpack cleverly bridges the past and present, while looking forward to the future too. If you’re keen to carry one and or add it to your collection, Harvest Label have launched a Kickstarter campaign where you can swoop in on your very own FLYER’S 70XX Backpack today.

Harvest Label FLYER’S 70XX Backpack


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