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Trakke Bannoch Backpack

Noteworthy New Release: Trakke Bannoch Range

by , April 4, 2018

Trakke embody the spirit of finding adventure everywhere. Knowing that when looking to the future, it sometimes helps to examine the past. And never being quite sure where inspiration will strike, but embracing it when it does.

Turns out, that bolt of inspiration did strike – with a bolt of Salt and Pepper fabric. And the rest is (literally) history…

Trakke Bannoch Backpack

Swiss ingenuity meets British sustainability

Salt and Pepper fabric was originally created in WW2 and used by the Swiss Army. But the fabric Trakke came across was new. Their supplier researched how to reverse engineer the fabric from original samples, and created it from scratch in the UK. The fabric features a combination of cotton and widely available stinging nettle fibres that are blended and densely woven. The result? A sustainably made, attractively textured, hard-wearing and weatherproof fabric.

Trakke Bannoch

The kind of fabric that’s ideal for Trakke’s new Bannoch range.

Trakke Bannoch Messenger

Urban style with outdoor adaptability 

The Bannoch range includes a backpack, messenger bag, camera bag insert, camera shoulder strap and camera wrist strap. Available in a choice of handsome black or olive Salt and Pepper colorways, the range is made by hand in Glasgow, Scotland. And staying true to Trakke’s adventurous spirit, these versatile pieces can roam between urban and outdoor environments, with durable style and organization to suit a variety of needs.

Trakke Bannoch Backpack

The Bannoch Backpack and Bannoch Messenger Bag both offer a 20L capacity, ideal for day-to-day or travel use. The Salt and Pepper fabric is complemented by stainless steel hardware, with a nifty buckle design that doubles as a bottle opener. There’s also plenty of organization on hand to keep work, outdoor and EDC gear tidy and accessible. Two exterior expanding pockets, side water bottle pockets, an A4 document pocket, interior 15″ laptop sleeve and Gask pocket array for smaller items have you well covered for changing setups.

Trakke Bannoch Messenger

Multifunctional messenger to camera carry

Speaking of changing setups, the removable padded camera insert lets you easily convert the messenger bag into a camera bag. Developed in collaboration with professional photographers, the insert fits two mirrorless camera bodies and three lenses. Camera accessories can be tidily stored in the messenger, providing a stylish and durable bag for amateur and professional use alike. While the current camera insert is designed to fit the messenger, a backpack camera insert is in development and set for release in AW18.

Trakke Bannoch Camera Bag Insert

Accessories for ready access

The backpack and messenger are great for larger loads, but what if you want a more minimalist camera carry setup? The Camera Shoulder Strap and Camera Wrist Strap are ready for action. Designed to keep your camera secure and quickly accessible on the go, both straps are adjustable to suit different wrist and body sizes.

Trakke Bannoch Camera Wrist Strap

For added flexibility, the shoulder strap can be worn across the body on either shoulder or as a neck sling.

Trakke Bannoch Camera Shoulder Strap

Trakke Bannoch Camera Wrist Strap

Want to snap these versatile pieces up? There’s no need to wait, as the Trakke Bannoch range is available now.

Trakke Bannoch Backpack


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