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Arc’teryx Reddit AMA

by , June 4, 2015

In the second installment of our AMA series, we’ve roped in Carl Moriarty, the Director for Apparel, and John Atkinson, the Director of Hardgoods Design for Arc’teryxTogether they have over 30 years’ experience in outdoor product development & design. And they’re keen to dive into some awesome discussion!!

Here’s the DIRECT LINK.

Tune in and chat:

4th June, 6pm, New York (EST)

Vancouver – 4th June, 3pm

Sydney/Melbourne – 5th June, 8am

LA – 4th June, 3pm

Tokyo – 5th June, 7am

Singapore – 5th June, 6am

Berlin – Midnight between Thursday, 4 June and Friday, 5 June


AMA Details:


Carl Moriarty

New Zealand born Industrial Designer Carl Moriarty is the Design Director for Apparel at Arc’teryx. For the past 6 years, he has been responsible for leading a talented, in-house design team, which continues to set industry standards in Design and Innovation.

Carl grew up in the hills around Wellington, New Zealand, before moving to Australia and studying Industrial Design at Swinburne University.

After graduation, a passion for the mountains lead to an extended period of travel, exploring and climbing throughout South East Asia, Europe and North America.

While visiting Squamish in 2000 Carl was offered seasonal work in the warehouse at Arc’teryx. This job eventually led to an internship in the Design Department, where he worked on the Equipment line, combining his understanding and passion from the mountains with an enthusiasm for design and manufacturing.

Today Carl has more than 12 years working at the forefront of Apparel and Equipment Design. As an avid skier, biker and distance runner, he uses his time in the mountains and on the trails to help in the validation and refinement of the extensive Arc’teryx product line.

Areas of expertise:

Pack design, ergonomics and load carry.

Apparel design, materials,  fit and layering.


John Atkinson

A recent Arc’teryx import, John Atkinson leads the Hardgoods team. They are an incredibly skilled bunch, working across every aspect of backpack and harness design, from material R&D through to final development.

Starting thirty years ago as a design engineer in Christchurch, New Zealand, John quickly jumped the fence over to industrial design and has been creating backpacks, tents and sleeping bags ever since.

Trekking in the mountains of New Zealand eventually led to a love of cave exploration, which has since taken him throughout the jungles of Asia and across to Europe. Creating all the specialist expedition equipment and carrying heavy loads in some very remote places, has made John a discerning critic of all things backpack.

Areas of Expertise:

Pack design

Load carriage biomechanics

Custom component design

Process engineering


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