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10 UK Brands You Should Know

by , February 13, 2019

Britain certainly has its share of illustrious brands in the luxury carry scene. Think the likes of Globe-Trotter or Burberry. But step outside the sphere of stratospheric price tags and you may fail to discover hard-working, dedicated British brands that don’t get the full recognition they deserve. So we’re set on changing that, flipping the switch on that spotlight and shining some carry love on 10 UK brands you should know…


We’ve kept a keen carry eye on Trakke over the years, enjoying their growth as an excellent urban/outdoor crossover brand. They’ve evolved in style and build, inspired by Scotland’s rugged landscapes to create aesthetically pleasing yet tough pieces that balance everyday utility and outdoor adventure. Their dedication to British manufacturing is evident through their commitment to using top-quality British-sourced materials and crafting all their gear by hand in their Glasgow workshop. It’s been a long but impressive journey from founder Alec Farmer upcycling discarded skip gems to the brand’s current position, and one that’s set to only evolve further.

Gear of note:

Storr Carry On Backpack

Assynt 17 Backpack

Linen Travel Towel

Trakke Assynt 17

Trakke Linen Travel Towel and Storr

Bedouin Foundry

A rebellious streak with a luxe feel. Enduring style with an even more enduring build quality designed to last for generations. Bedouin Foundry bags embody all these aspects. Inspired by diverse sources, from traditional craft to geometric art and surrealism, the brand’s bags stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. Exceptional Scottish waxed canvas. Premium vegetable-tanned European and British leathers. Swiss zippers. AustriAlpin Cobra buckles. All expertly crafted together by hand in England and backed by a lifetime guarantee. And the name? A nod to the Bedouin tent and lifestyle. A weatherproof and tough nomadic shelter but luxurious and comfortable on the inside. Just like the brand’s bags.

Gear of note:

Delireis SE in Dyneema

Bosun’s Tote


Bedouin Foundry Delireis SE

Bedouin Foundry Bosun's Tote and Genghis


Embracing a varied life. Stepping outside of the routine every now and then. And doing so in style. All things that Knomo believes in. And they design their carry to help you do all that. Their bags offer a considered blend of urban-savvy aesthetics, functional design, high quality and a pop of personality to boot. The London-based brand is a proponent of long-lasting quality and practicality, ensuring their bags are well made with durable materials sourced from reputable suppliers from around the world. The kind of bags that resonate with the ethos behind the brand’s name, a merging of Knowledge and Mobility, helping you discover more through their adaptability and timeless style.

Gear of note:

Albion Leather Laptop Backpack

Foster Leather Laptop Briefcase 14″

Barlow Backpack

Knomo Barlow Backpack and Foster Leather Laptop Briefcase

Knomo Albion Leather Laptop Backpack


Founded by two travellers, Millican is a brand that lives and breathes the open road. Venturing off the beaten track. And forming connections with the surrounding landscape along the way. So it’s fitting that they take their name from Millican Dalton, a man ahead of his time who embraced outdoor living, sustainability and simplicity. Based in the English Lake District, Millican utilizes a range of carefully selected materials across their collections ranging from vegetable-tanned leather to organic cotton canvas, recycled polyester, their custom-made Bionic® Canvas, and locally sourced wool. Rather than focusing on a locally-made policy, Millican focuses on sustainability, partnering with both local and international suppliers and manufacturers committed to social responsibility, fair working conditions and environmentally-conscious production.

Gear of note:

Miles the Duffle Bag 28L

Harry the Gladstone Bag 38L

Smith the Roll Pack 25L

Millican Smith the Roll Pack 25L

Millican Harry the Gladstone Bag 38L and Miles the Duffle 28L


Founded in 2007 by partners monie.ka and James Teal, hardgraft has grown from strength to strength as a distinct player in the luxury carry scene. The brand searched long and hard to find and establish relationships with expert artisans to craft their pieces. hardgraft pieces are made in Italy, with many of the workshops run as family businesses that have spent years honing their passion and skill for beautiful craftsmanship. Of course, pairing that craftsmanship with equally beautiful materials is what really makes the designs shine. Key players in the lineup include Tuscan vegetable-tanned leather and sustainable, durable wools sourced from Italy, Germany and Britain. Contrasting materials coming together in striking designs that effortlessly draw the eye. Pieces that can hold their own in the boardroom but lend an air of undeniable creativity to your day-to-day carry pursuits.

Gear of note:

Well-Rounded Wool Backpack

Phone Pack

Small Brick Card Case

Well-Rounded Wool Backpack

hardgraft Small Brick Card Case and Phone Pack


Francli was initially founded as a three-month design and crafting project by Ali Goodman and Frances Baseley. But that project developed into a full-on brand dedicated to handmade British craftsmanship, sustainable production, and a considered fusion of form and function. Francli gear is designed and crafted by hand in a farm workshop in Cornwall using a combination of pre and post consumer waste materials as well as British-made materials and hardware. Due to the nature of salvaged materials, from leather upholstery to military surplus, the process results in distinct collections and short runs. Additionally, Francli also offers custom commissions and embraces collaborations to inspire and further the design process.

Gear of note:

Kit Rucksack R-PD / 0001

Phone Card Case

Custom Kit Rucksack

Francli Custom Kit Rucksack

Francli Kit Rucksack R-PD 0001 and Phone Card Case


Restrap was born in a bedroom in 2010 but now thrives in a Leeds-based workshop in Yorkshire. The founder initially made pedal straps but growing demand eventually led to the brand expanding, both in team size and offerings with a range of bags. And not just any bags. Rugged pieces made by hand and put through the wringer in demanding outdoor environments, on bikes and on backs, through rain and mud, to ensure top-notch quality, durability and functionality. Pieces designed to improve and innovate on current carry scene offerings, filling gaps in the market. And all the while focusing on meticulous quality and design agility, embracing the flexibility to adapt designs quickly thanks to in-house production. Today the brand offers a variety of bike-friendly bags ready to roll wherever your wheels take you.

Gear of note:

Sub Backpack

Commute Backpack

Saddle Bag 8L

Restrap Sub Backpack

Restrap Commute Backpack and Saddle Bag 8L


BUILT TO SEND make obsessively engineered alpine rucksacks. An obsession that has led to the development of a mono-shell construction technique that results in the need for significantly fewer seams and ultimately stronger packs. Additionally, almost all of the brand’s hardware has been custom engineered for exceptional durability and effectiveness in trying conditions. The bags are aimed at big wall climbing and alpine climbing but have the flexibility to adapt to ultralight backpacking too. From comfortable shoulder straps designed to embrace heavy loads, to customisable modularity, each pack is honed for dependable durability and functionality when the going gets tough. The bags are made by hand in the UK, with the main line of packs crafted from lightweight yet tough Dimension-Polyant VX42 fabric.

Gear of note:





Ally Capellino

Decades of design experience, a focus on quality and timeless aesthetics have helped Ally Capellino foster an enduring appeal in the often fickle fashion carry scene. An appeal enhanced by the brand’s appreciation of function. Not just bags that are attractive to look at, but pieces that perform well too. And pieces that put a touch of luxury within reach of a broader audience. Their offerings aren’t cheap but neither are they exorbitant for the quality materials, reliable craftsmanship and fashionable flair on offer. Add in a distinct sense of Britishness, with a quirky irreverence through bag names inspired by the likes of politicians, and the result is a brand that can hold its own on the global fashion stage while integrating effortlessly into everyday carry needs.

Gear of note:

Hoy Travel/Cycle Rucksack

Kenny Travel/Cycle Satchel

Branca Leather Crossbody Frame Bag

Ally Capellino Hoy Travel/Cycle Rucksack

Ally Capellino Branca Leather Crossbody Frame Bag and Kenny Travel Cycle Satchel


Finisterre was inspired by a love of the sea and the desire to create hard-wearing, functional and sustainable gear for British surfers. Founded in a flat above a surf shop in 2003, the Cornwall-based brand began with an innovative fleece and a commitment to continuing to push innovation and product development in the industry. The Certified B Corporation has come a long way since then, branching out into a variety of apparel and carry items. Always with a focus on functional, sustainable products that will serve people well for years to come. They continue to strive hard on the sustainable textile front with the use of repurposed materials, incorporating Econyl® in their swimwear, developing their own blend of merino wool and eliminating fluorocarbons from their waterproof range.

Gear of note:

Packaway Duffle

Packing Cubes

Nimbus Insulated Jacket

Finisterre Packaway Duffle

Finisterre Nimbus Insulated Jacket and Packing Cubes

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