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Nite Ize RunOff Collection

Testing the Updated Nite Ize RunOff Collection

by , April 3, 2020

When Nite Ize first previewed their RunOff collection of waterproof cases, pouches, and packing cubes, the industry took notice including us at Carryology. The initial collection later went on to win the Carry Award for Best Accessory for Travel for its innovation. Sure, there are plenty of options when it comes to organizational bags, pouches, and packing cubes, but this collection stands out for being waterproof with an IP67 rating and utilizing TRU Zip. TRU Zip is a game-changer as the first sliding, toothless zipper that is also silent, creates an impenetrable waterproof seal, and is self-healing.

Nite Ize recently expanded the RunOff collection with new products that focus on protecting valuable gear and devices. The beauty of organizational cases/cubes is the versatility and utility they provide. They can come in handy for travel, recreation, or daily work life. I had the opportunity to put the new RunOff phone pouch, tablet case, and small packing cube through their paces to see how they could help in protecting and organizing my gear.

RunOff Phone Pouch

Nite Ize RunOff Phone Pouch

Let’s start off with the RunOff Phone Pouch (also available in the collection is the RunOff Phone Case). The pouch features a clear, touchscreen-friendly window, and TRU Zip. With an IP67 rating, the pouch is waterproof when submerged for up to 30 minutes. The pouch comes in three colors and is $34.99.

The pouch has two built-in attachment points for the included adjustable lanyard or can be worn on a belt. These attachments make up for the lack of additional protection from drops or falls. Additionally, the pouch lays nice and flat and can be stored or packed easily without taking up valuable real estate. 

Nite Ize RunOff Phone Pouch

I found the pouch to be extremely lightweight at a mere 1.34 ounces, with enough room to hold my iPhone 11 Pro Max with a slim case. The touchscreen-friendly clear window allowed for easy use even while the screen was wet or even underwater. However, in order to use the camera function, you must place the phone upside down, which may feel counterintuitive at first, but it makes sense if you’re using the included lanyard around your neck and you can simply flip the pouch up to view the screen or take a photo. For phone owners with wireless charging capabilities, you’ll be happy to know that you can still charge your device without the need to remove the phone.

This pouch is great for recreation such as hiking, activities on the water, and other instances where you may need access to your phone quickly and protection from water or dust.

RunOff Tablet Case

Nite Ize RunOff Tablet Case

The RunOff Tablet Case features the same clear, touchscreen-friendly window, IP67 rating, and TRU Zip as the Phone Pouch. The Tablet Case comes in a single color, charcoal, and is $49.99.

The case also includes a detachable and adjustable lanyard, although it’s a bit too large to wear around your neck unless you want to look like the modern-day Flavor Flav. If anything, you can use it to tie down for additional security for instances such as activities on the water or simply to carry over the shoulder. In terms of protection, the case protects when fully sealed from water, dust, and sand, but not from drops or other impacts as there is no additional padding, so you’ll still want to be safe when handling your device.

Nite Ize RunOff Tablet Case

The RunOff Tablet Case fits tablets up to 7.63″ wide and 10.23″ tall and had enough room to fit my 7th generation iPad (10.2″) and was able to fit it with a separate case/stand attached, although it was a tight squeeze. It is lightweight at 3.53 ounces and packs down practically flat. There is an internal elastic band to help secure the tablet to the touchscreen window to allow for easier use as it keeps the screen pressed against the clear window. The case is built with a durable TPU construction and RF-welded seams to help keep water, sand, and dirt out. I trusted the case enough to take the iPad with me into the shower so I could continue binge-watching the latest season of Narcos and had no issues. In the water, the case due to the airtight design was able to float with the lightweight iPad, which could help if the device did manage to fall into a body of water. I look forward to using the case this Summer while lounging at the beach and poolside with the peace of mind that my device won’t get damaged in either the sand or water.

RunOff Small Packing Cube

RunOff Small Packing Cube

The RunOff Small Packing Cube is built with the same durable TPU construction and RF-welded seams, with an IP67 rating and TRU Zip. The Small Packing Cube is $39.99.

The packing cube has interior dimensions of 6.88″ x 4.96″ x 3.14″ and weighs only 1.6 ounces. It features a reinforced top handle and two attachment points in case you need to strap it down or connect it to a pack via a small carabiner. The flat bottom allows the cube to stand upright either with contents or empty, which allows for easy and quick access.

I found the small packing cube to be ample in size with enough space to carry all of my daily essential electronic accessories and more including a MacBook charger and cable, mouse, portable hard drive and earbuds along with a small notebook, pen, wallet, and keys with some room to spare. The translucent front window with a topographical print made it easier to identify the items I had stored in the cube, as well as gives it a couple of outdoor style points. The organization inside is kept at a minimum without anything additional to help keep things in their place as other dedicated electronic device organizers may have.

Nite Ize RunOff Small Packing Cube

The cube doubles as a compression bag and can hold a lightweight jacket to help save additional space when traveling. In the event that your cube should fall into the water, being airtight allows the cube to float – although I didn’t test with heavier items.

The RunOff Small Packing Cube is great for daily use to hold electronic gadgets and protect them from damaging dust and water. It’s also great for travel and can be used for other items from small jackets to toiletries (although there are smaller dedicated toiletry bags as part of the collection). It can also be used to keep potential liquids from spilling out from inside the cube to other items while in transit, such as sunscreen or hand sanitizer.

Overall Impression

Overall, the new RunOff additions are a great option to add for daily work use and travel. They are extremely easy to use, lightweight, and provide peace of mind protection from the elements. When not in use the collection stores practically flat and easily without taking up much space. 

I found the TRU Zip to be quiet and simple to use with each product. It does take a little bit more effort to close than a traditional zipper, but that’s a small ask when it comes to the protection it provides – just make sure it’s completely sealed and locked into place. The zipper may require maintenance in the form of lubrication after cleaning, before prolonged storage, or to improve zipper performance according to the company.

Nite Ize RunOff Small Packing Cube

With the state of the world right now surrounding COVID-19, one thing to be aware of is practicing effective device hygiene. It’s suggested to clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces – including phone and electronic devices. After proper cleaning, placing the device into an enclosed airtight case or pouch, such as the RunOff collection, can ensure the device stays clean when needed. The RunOff collection is also easy enough to clean itself.

The price per item can be considered steep ranging from $34.99 to $49.99 (for the items tested), but innovation, high-quality materials, and peace of mind always add up. And if that’s what you’re looking for in your EDC and travel gear, then there’s not much better.


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