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School bag w/LED light & GPS

by , November 9, 2011

School bag w/LED light & GPS

School bag w/LED light & GPS

This is a cool/weird/scary-but-still-interesting concept that might find an appreciative audience given a bit more attention – both aesthetically and functionally. A bag maker in China (Ruizhi Children Intelligent Safety Products.,LTD) has got in touch to share a series of backpacks for young kids that include LED lights and GPS systems built in.

So the concept behind this is to increase safety for children at school and other areas they roll round with bags – which invariably involves cars, dusk, etc. Two main functions; LED lights & GPS tracking.

GPS positioning: parents will track the precise location of the children to make sure of their child’s safety.

The product’s full name is “Parents’ Love Child Intelligent Safety Schoolbag.” Yep, a bit of a mouthful. The key is the intelligence and security features -the exclusive LED lighting system and patented technology of 360-degree reflective materials and the intelligence mainly system of the precise GPS positioning system (or so they tell us).

The two-color intelligent LED chips on the right side can emit red ray, blue ray and flashing. The red and blue light is the most penetrating, so the visual effect is pretty rad. The distance can reach to 50 meters under the sunlight, 100 meters under cloudy conditions, and ensures drivers can get more reaction time for braking, etc. Oh, and we figure you’d also get a chance at tracking down any schoolbag thieves as a nice bonus.

Pretty cool/scary/weird!

School bag w/LED light & GPS


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