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Mission Workshop Rhake


Mission Workshop The Rhake: Video Review

by , December 15, 2017
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The Mission Workshop The Rhake is designed to move from work to play, with a burly build and a range of organizational pockets to keep those smaller items tidy on the go. Does it nail that design brief? See how it fares as a day-to-day bag…

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  • Brad

    It must be re-stated: I am officially off the missionworshop band-wagon. Their designs are so self indulgent and impractical. There is virtually no depth to this pack so if you put anything fragile, i.e. an Ipad, as mission workshop suggests, into the outside slip pocket that sits behind those two poorly designed organizer panels, than the contents of the main bag will push into and potentially put undue stress on your fragile tablet. As for those outside organizer pockets…do those clips that you have to unbuckle serve a purpose? do they expand and allow you to strap things to the outside of the bag? I appreciate another reader’s comment about water pooling on top of those stormguard zips that seal the admin panels shut; seems obvious but mission workshop is designing for style, in a vacuum, and they would not have noticed. Honestly if Mission workshop would just let other people design their bags, they could still build them because the build quality and material selection is top-notch. Just sees wasted on such poorly designed bags. Rant over.

    • TeamCarryology

      Hey @disqus_bbEU5osmtZ:disqus, you’re totally welcome to have a say (and a rant, ha), but have you actually had an opportunity to play with this bag?

      • Brad

        I get it. If I did, I may just like it, right? No. I have not played with the bag. I have ‘played’ with enough bags over an inexplicably long, perhaps weirdly overzealous period of obsession with carry goods (many mission workshop bags included) to know how to eyeball something that just feels like a whiff. Have you played with it?

        I get the point of defending a bag against people like Me who have not actually touched it. I concede, but I would ask if you (“team carryology”) have had the chance to play with it and if so, can you defend it (and I ask that somewhat seriously)?

        In the end, this is all subjective of course and to that point, I am glad I am not being forced to buy this bag because to me, it is a dud.

        What do you like about it? really? what works for you from a design perspective? what would you change? I ask that sincerely and perhaps a conversation outside of the love it/hate it binary thats so easy to fall into will bloom

        • TeamCarryology

          Hey Brad, love the passion! And we too have had a ‘weirdly overzealous period of obsession with carry goods’, so you’re in good company. 🙂

          We’ve haven’t had the opportunity to run one of these yet, but I think we’ve gotta trust Bo on this one. He knows his stuff, has used it, and is really enjoying it. And he’s listed some things to be improved in his review.

          But let’s flip it and get a positive conversation happening (since both of us haven’t laid hands on it). What’s your top 3 best packs of all time and why? We’re super keen to understand the benchmark.

          • Brad

            In Bo we trust, but you have to take a review as only one optinion: if he said carry your stuff in a plastic grocery bag on your next 20 mile day hike, i’d look the other way.

            These are either grail items or archtypes that I really love….

            In no order:
            -The Maiden Noir X Mystery Ranch Snap Dragon Japanese collab. Bag.

            -The Arcteryx Nomin gen.1 (conveniently, given the recent post)

            -The Trakke Mule

            I do love a sexy organizational panel as much as the next guy (I happen to think the Axiom 25 from TAD excels there) but I’m clearly not into detailed, pre-determined organization.

            Really my beef with MW stems from how freakishly well made their stuff is and the portfolio of materials they use; their gorgeous. I just find major flaws with usability.

          • TeamCarryology

            Oh wow, stellar choices here @Brad! That Maiden Noir X Mystery Ranch Snap Dragon is soo rad. Nomin, no brainer. And the Trakke is a nice surprise – such a classic messenger!

          • Brad

            I have not yet figured out how to start the campaign for Trakke to bring the Mule and the Og back….quiet sobbing and pleading is all I have come up with.

          • TeamCarryology

            Ha! Well, word on the street is they’re working really hard on a new collection, so maybe the time is now for a polite email. 😉

  • Виктор Ковыршин

    Agree with Brad here. I’d like to love this bags, but I see so many bad descisions here. For such a premium price it should be perfect and it’s far from that.

  • http://www.cinemamercantilefilms.com Mike Collins

    I grabbed an Olive Rhake with the Cobra buckles. I was using a Chrome Klimnent backpack as my every day bag but it utterly fell apart. Always been a fan of Mission Workshop’s aesthetic. I’ve been using the Rhake for a week or so. I’ve taken it as a daily commuter bag and for a quick day trip. It carries my macBook Pro, a few magazines, a Kindle Paperwhite and assorted cables and chargers. No it’s not built to carry a lot but honestly I tend to over carry, like 4 magazines instead of two, so it’s a good exercise for me in really taking what I need for the day…It’s a gorgeous looking bag and so far so good.

    • TeamCarryology

      Awesome to hear, Mike. Thanks for jumping in on the conversation!


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