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These Mil-Spec Pouches Will Help You Organize Your Everyday and Travel

by , December 15, 2017

Chris Elfering knows the value of quality gear. As a military veteran who served in the US Army for six years, he has first-hand experience of the punishment that demanding environments can put your gear through. And as a soldier he needed gear that could withstand those punishments and keep on going.

Chris Elfering

After leaving the military, Chris spent time traveling – an experience that put him in the path of fellow adventurers, travelers, and soldiers all seeking the same thing. Reliable, adaptable and functional carry goods to help them stay organized and flexible on the go.

So he decided to merge the military and civilian worlds, bringing together values from both to create carry goods that users from all walks of life could benefit from. And BOND Travel Gear was born.

BOND Travel Gear

Military toughness meets modern versatility

In a salute to Chris’s military background, and committed to making ruggedly reliable gear, BOND pieces feature military-grade materials and construction. Crafted with 1000D ballistic nylon, the brand’s pouches are both water resistant and abrasion resistant.

BOND Travel Gear

Quality YKK autolock zippers keep your gear secure on the move, and double stitching on the zippers and stress points means you don’t need to worry about the demands of the real world. Even better, BOND pieces are backed by a lifetime guarantee, so you really do get the kind of durability you can depend on for years to come.

BOND Travel Gear

BOND Travel Gear may be military tough, but the low-key aesthetics lean towards urban and understated. Ideal if you want pieces that can blend into a variety of environments without drawing unwanted attention.

BOND Travel Gear

BOND Travel Gear

And with their inbuilt organization they’re great for keeping EDC and travel items tidy and easily accessible. So much so, that BOND has been popping up across EDC circles and forums as pieces of note. Even our very own Bo Ismono uses BOND pouches to keep small essentials in order on the go.

BOND Travel Gear

Grab and go

Currently BOND has two offerings, both of which will appeal to EDC enthusiasts and travelers alike. The ESCAPADE Small Gear Pouch and the DASH Dopp Kit feature clamshell-style openings so you can quickly and easily access and store items. Both pieces offer a burly combination of YKK autolock zippers, paracord zipper pulls, double stitching, a water-resistant 1000D ballistic nylon exterior, and a 420D nylon PU-treated lining with taped seams.

BOND Travel Gear

The ESCAPADE Small Gear Pouch comes in handy for storing a variety of items, from tech such as a phone and Kindle or iPad mini, to a passport, pens, cables, and more. Silicone-backed elastic loops provide slip-free, secure storage for smaller items, while a choice of pockets are useful for larger items.

BOND Travel Gear ESCAPADE Small Gear Pouch

The DASH Dopp Kit is a compact and multifunctional pouch that can organize small work tools or EDC just as well as toiletries and travel essentials. Mesh compartments allow for breathability and also enable you to easily identify items at a glance.

BOND Travel Gear DASH Dopp Kit

Additionally, the DASH Dopp Kit comes with a carabiner, allowing you to hang it up for convenient access in your accommodation or on the back of a plane seat.

BOND Travel Gear

15% Off – Exclusive readership deal

With their hard-wearing construction, lifetime warranty, functional organization and understated aesthetics, BOND Travel Gear pieces offer great value for money and are a worthy addition to any EDC or travel setup. But how about adding this quality gear to your carry quiver with a cool 15% off? BOND Travel Gear’s exclusive readership deal lets you do just that. Simply use the code CARRYOLOGY at checkout to score a 15% discount.

BOND Travel Gear


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