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Drive By :: Tanner Goods Everyday Tote

Drive By :: Tanner Goods Everyday Tote

by , January 22, 2015

Kate takes Tanner Goods’ stylish tote for a spin and manages to lose her umbrella...


Frankly, we’re still not entirely sure why designing a bag with a carry-side shoulder strap automatically confines it to one gender. However, when we had the opportunity to check out the Tanner Goods Everyday Tote, I deferred to my better half’s tote knowledge. Kate has been using the bag for the last few months and was kind enough to jot down some notes.

Tanner’s product description claims that “if you own one of these, you’ll be carrying it everyday, be it to work, school, a weekend trip to the farmer’s market or anywhere else life takes you,” and at least for me that is true. I’ve been using the Everyday, well, you know the answer.



The Specs

— Constructed from 18oz. heavy cotton canvas & Horween Chromexcel leather
— All components are secured by solid brass rivets and four button studs
— Features adjustable straps, large internal and external pockets, and a full length zippered closure
— 15″ tall x 13″ wide x 6″ deep
— Available in Walnut (seen here), Waxed Field Tan, Burnt Oak, and Sage


The Highlights

The adjustable straps are unique for a tote, and allow for both shorter and taller women to wear the bag comfortably. In addition, the optional strap connector provides some padding and keeps the straps squarely on your shoulder. The full zipper across the mouth of the bag adds some security, and helps the bag keep a more compact shape when full.

The small interior side pocket for keys or a phone is handy and intuitive, while the tough, water-resistant canvas looks even better when worn in.

Nothing is Perfect

The strap connector makes it difficult to open the bag quickly, but leaving the straps disconnected means that one will inevitably slide off your shoulder. In terms of volume I love the bag’s size, but when I overpack the weight can be too much for a single shoulder to handle comfortably. Another niggle is that the organization pockets inside the bag are large and unstructured, allowing the contents to occasionally spill over into other areas.



The Verdict

The Tanner Goods Everyday Tote suits women and men who appreciate the look and feel of a timeless, quality bag. It’s great for foot traffic, and can be dressed up or down – it’s at home in the boardroom and the coffee shop. It is also a great high-volume “personal item” for flights that push the limits of your carry-on strategy.

Its carry-side shoulder strap means that cyclists and people who want to carry more weight across two shoulders should look at other options. Likewise, some people may want to look for a more dainty, compact bag.

Basically, it’s great for people like me who carry a lot of random things, and want both organization and space for things like groceries, laptops, notepads, spare clothes, and that umbrella I’ve been looking for for a week but couldn’t find because it was lost in the bottomless pit that is my Everyday Tote. True story.


Words by Kate Masri, photography by Brian Park.

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