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Drive By :: DSPTCH Ruckpack

Drive By :: DSPTCH Ruckpack

by , March 11, 2015

The DSPTCH Ruckpack is masculine, insanely functional and seemingly adapts to whatever comes your way. It’s an impressive evolution from a company that started selling a paracord wrist strap. But when you talk to Richard Liu, founder of DSPTCH, that was all part of the plan. This second generation Ruckpack has quickly become my go-to bag for everything short of business meetings.

DSPTCH Ruckpack

Who It Suits

The guy looking to up his everyday bag game with a true workhorse.

Who It Doesn’t

Depending on where you work, this might not be the most “work appropriate” bag but you’ll want to bring it anyway.

DSPTCH Ruckpack

The Good

I’ve tested my fair share of packs for Carryology and this pack hands down regularly blew me away with how much you can stow in the main compartment. Listed with a 23L capacity, I was able to stuff everything from blankets and comforters to small boxes/packages with room to spare. The trick is the ingenious clamshell panel for easy access to the main compartment.

DSPTCH Ruckpack

Part of what impressed me the most was the thought that went into each detail of the pack to make your life just that little bit easier. In addition to the main compartment access panel, there is a separate laptop compartment and storage sleeves for files, notebooks or Field Notes. There’s even a mesh pocket in the corner for your water bottle.

DSPTCH Ruckpack

At every turn, DSPTCH seems to have nailed it. Take the back of the pack for example. Included with each Ruckpack is a rigid HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and aluminum back support to help reduce fatigue. The materials are all top quality, from the ballistic nylon to MIL-SPEC webbing to Duraflex buckles. The mesh back padding is extremely comfortable and breathes well.

DSPTCH Ruckpack

The Not So Good

When you look at photos online and see the bag in person, the first thing that sticks out is how large the overall profile is. I found it difficult at times to commute with it depending on how much I had stuffed in it. Between the shoulder adjustments and standard belt loops it was easy to adjust but it is not a small pack by any means.

DSPTCH Ruckpack

While I loved the pen pocket up front, it always felt a bit too small. It was big enough to hold your pens but felt like they were going to fall out before you could zip up the bag. That said, this wasn’t a deal-breaker or even an annoyance. Just an observation having spent a ton of time with the pack.

Other Considerations

If you’re looking for a highly versatile bag with a similar military-inspired aesthetic, look no further than Triple Aught Design’s Litespeed and GORUCK’s GR1. The other company I would look at that perfectly combines utility and killer hardwear is Mission Workshop.

DSPTCH Ruckpack


The DSPTCH Ruckpack is hands down one of the best EDC bags I’ve ever owned or tested. It continues to impress me with its storage capability. I marvel at how I can throw seemingly anything at it and it takes it like a champ.

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