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Carryology Concept Store – We’re Hiring

by , June 2, 2016

Our concept store is a new addition to our carry family, and we’re keen to see it flourish. That’s why we’re looking to our fellow Carryologists to help guide and support the store, spreading their knowledge and love of carry and helping others to discover theirs.

Below are two full-time positions based in Fitzroy, Melbourne. If they speak to your carry soul, get in touch and tell us why you’re a great fit.

Carryology Store Manager


Terrific teamwork skills. High social intelligence. A multitasking master. Sound like you? You’re great at working with and leading a small team, and you embrace the opportunity to help others excel through staff training. You love digging into the details, using your social skills to engage with customers and find out what they really want and need. And your product knowledge is on point and always at the ready, so you can help customers choose the best carry to fulfil those needs.

If a varied work day is music to your ears, this role lets you play your favorite song. One day you may be ordering new stock or planning an in-store event. The next you could be communicating Carryology’s ethos through your awesome visual merchandising skills, or working with key stakeholders to shape, guide and evolve the in-store experience. If you’re nodding vigorously to the above, contact us here.

Carryology Retail Ninja


Your retail skills are honed to a fine edge, and there’s no carry problem you can’t slay through your insightful knowledge, passion and eagerness to help customers find products that help them carry better. You’re in your element discussing a range of aspects related to carry, and while you have your personal favorites you can wax lyrical on the benefits of other carry products too.

Your responsibilities will include using your impressive knowledge to help customers find great solutions to their particular carry needs. You’ll be au fait with the culture and aesthetic of the carry world and excel at communicating this knowledge to others. Ideally you’ll also be keen to get involved with staff training, elevating fellow team members to your level of carry mastery. If this is you, don’t stay in the shadows – drop us your details here.




Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.