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Carry Wishlists (2014) :: Taylor

Carry Wishlists (2014) :: Taylor

by , April 29, 2014

We did these Carry Wishlists about two years ago. Since then, we’ve done a major facelift to our site, we’ve gained some new awesome contributors, some of our old wishlists have changed (either because of carry pieces we personally acquired, new product launches, among other reasons) and gained a bunch of incredible carry-addicted readers to add to our growing community. So, we figured a little wishlist update couldn’t hurt.  Plus, it’s always fun to dream.

Here is my current Carry Wishlist (2014 edition), in no particular order…


1) Filson: Padded Computer Bag ($358)

This thing is Steve McQueen classic.  In fact, this is the only bag I can possibly imagine Steve would use.  The Padded Computer Bag is durable, rugged, masculine, with well thought out pocketry and organization for your essentials. Additional padding helps keep modern day tech nice and safe. Plus, the company who makes it is an iconic classic of carry. Made in USA out of tough non-synthetic materials, it’s sure to last for a lifetime… and look even better the older it gets. If it were to happen to fail in anyway, the Filson guarantee will make it right, no questions asked.  Can’t wait to own my first bit of Filson… someday… someday…


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2) Mission Workshop: VX Sanction Rucksack ($279)

I love MW and their products.  I’m constantly recommending their gear to friends/family/readers and talking about them here on Carryology… so, I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I don’t personally own one of their bags yet.  And yet, I have extensive personal experience with each and every one of their products.  For me, the VX Sanction is one of the best everyday backpacks in the world, whether it’s on a bicycle in the rain, walking through the countryside, or using it in an office setting.  Perfect size (1000 cu.in.), super smart pockets, made from Cordura nylon and technical VX fabric, durable as nails, and utilizing the custom easy-to-use Arkiv metal hardware bits.  Mission Workshop has been making incredibly innovative carry goods for years now, always pushing the boundaries.  If I were to pick just one pack (that wasn’t a full on dry-bag) to protect my expensive electronic gadgets in a tropical monsoon, this would be it.

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3) Black Rainbow Project: “Red” Messenger Bag ($???)

Perhaps the most bad ass messenger bag of all time?  Enough said.
Keen to buy? Well, that’s not going to happen, so don’t even try… not in the immediate future anyway.


4) Arc’teryx (LEAF): Khard 30 Backpack ($359)

I have a soft spot in my heart for military packs. I guess because they’re overbuilt with super tough materials using heavy-duty construction, as well as incredibly over-thought for in-field use where human lives are on the line. So I know that, in this case, the Khard 30 can take some whatever serious international travel and trekking abuse I throw at it without a bead of sweat. The unique modular organization and access are what make this a real highlight for me. Plus, I love the extremely detailed and ultra clever construction methods that most may overlook. Some actual firsts I see here. That wolf blue/grey is not only attractive, but proven to be the best single-color non-camouflage to blend into the urban environment. Extensive testing confirms it. Science. Not that I have to worry about that.

Keen to buy?


5) Boreas: Lagunitas Daypack ($139.99)

Spawned from the genius mind of Tae Kim and his all-star design team at Boreas, the Lagunitas is full of tricks, while remaining visually streamlined and lightweight.  This is a great balance of daypack, bicycle commuter backpack, and light hiking pack, with features to support all three activities. Laptop or hydration bladder?  With or without waistbelt?  You decide. The adjustable suspension (SUPER-TRAMP) allows you to choose between a standard suspension for heavier loads or simply pull a strap to active the “trampoline suspension” for lighter loads when it’s hot outside.  Boreas is absolutely the new brand to watch right now. They’re agile and brilliant, which is going to allow them to keep releasing gems like the Lagunitas and the Bootlegger Modular Pack System for years to come.  Looking forward to the launch of their new collection… but I still really love the Lagunitas. If I were to bet, I’d say this pack could be an instant carry icon for years to come.

Keen to buy?

(Note: Just because a specific product didn’t appear on this list doesn’t mean I don’t want it or like it. It could be that I already own it, it’s getting sent out to me soon, and/or I’m planning on acquiring it very soon!  The Trakke Wee Lug Harris Tweed is one of these examples.)


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