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Inflatable bags

by , March 9, 2011

Inflatable bags

Inflatable bags are an interesting concept. For one, done properly, they can offer some really good protection for your treasured possessions. On top of that, you can pack them away real easily after you let all the air out. History has shown that not many companies have nailed an inflatable bag all that well. Maybe there is a solid change in that coming round the corner? Kata have released a really nice looking and functional bag designed to protect your camera gear, while Soma have created an inflatable boardbag to protect your surfboards and to round it off Biknd have a real setup to carry your bikes.

While both of these products only cater to very niche markets, they both do a great job at achieving their objectives. The Kata is to protect camera gear, the SOMA to protect surfboards both do that really well.

The Kata ABS-HD

This air bag system from Kata is a simple inflatable protective casing that comes folded up in a compact pouch no larger than a book.  When boarding with your camcorder it takes approximately 1 minute to inflate, wrap up your camcorder and stow it in the over head bin. The bag complies with international Airline Carry On Standards so no worries there.

In terms of protection your camera gear, it looks like it’s will do an amazing job. But from what we can see, it doesn’t appear to have any other compartments on the bag for you to store any cords, batteries, lenses, etc. So that means you’re probably going to have carry another bag…


The SOMA Boardbags

There has been minimal evolution of the protective surfboard bag design since its inception, new brand on the block, SOMA, has thrown their hat in the ring in the effort to creating the next level in board bags for surfers. Combining the compounded functionality of Medical Grade Polyester with PVC triple coated materials and sonic heat welding they have created a single continuous piece of material that makes the boardbag virtually stitch free & seamless for unmitigated strength.

Extra bonus? Compact portability, the bag deflates and rolls into a 26”x7” carrying bag.


Biknd Helium Bike Case

The name kinda gives you false hope. Isn’t helium super light and floaty? It is, but it’s not the air in the bag. You still have to manually pump this one up like the others. Catchy tho huh…

The Biknd case is light and easy to carry and its revolutionary inflatable padding offers unrivaled protection. Giving extra storage compartments is a nice bonus with this bag – with special compartments for an extra wheelset and also for stowing you helmet, shoes and other essentials (pump, spare tubes, etc.)

The unique 360 degree opening is really neat, making packing your bike super easy.


Funny inflatable item for you to giggle at? How about this Inflatable Sleeping Coat that is a raincoat, sleeping coat,sleeping bag, and even a mattress all in one. Check the pics, it’s hilarious.


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