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Bellroy Travel Wallet

Traveling with Bo :: Bellroy Travel Wallet

by , September 6, 2016

Passport, tickets, currency, cards…keeping them all in check when you’re traveling can be tough. But the Bellroy Travel Wallet is designed to change that. Aiming to do away with frantic rummaging in bags and pockets, the travel wallet delivers a sleek all-in-one carry solution that swaps stress for smooth journeys. Discover more in Episode 2 of “Traveling With Bo”…

  • jaydeflix

    What was that “secret wallet”?

    • Ben Hildred

      I wondered that too. It’s this: https://www.secrid.com/en/

      • jaydeflix

        Nice. I’m currently everyday wallet shopping and this knocks the Dosh off the list. I’d love the bellroy travel for an upcoming trip, I just can’t justify the cost for this one trip,and I don’t international travel enough (unless you count day/weekend trips to Vancouver/Victoria, which I don’t)

        • http://www.ismono.com Youknowthebo

          Ben is right. That is the Secrid Wallet. I’ve been using it for years. There is an old review on my Youtube Channel. I can highly recommend it.

          • jaydeflix

            Very nice. I do like the looks of it (kind of wish they had a local dealer in Seattle so I could at least touch one). I’m down to one of the Trayvax wallets, the Bellroy All Conditions or Card Pocket, this Secrid, or just going with the newer model of my Flipside. ARGH, decisions.

            Half considered the Fusion wallet, but not sold on it from a functional pov.

          • http://www.ismono.com Youknowthebo

            That’s a pretty big list of a lot of good wallets 😉 Just for making those kind of decisions I made this video https://youtu.be/Sz8o7czpoNs maybe this helps you a little bit.

  • JayX

    Hey. Why is my comment not being allowed? Anyone know if this is available in Horween?


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.