QWSTION x EuropaType Limited Edition

by , November 12, 2012

It’s not very often that we post up press releases, normally reserving them for a tweet or facey update, but every now and again we come across something we think is pretty nice and want to share with you guys. This new release from QWSTION is something worth sharing…

QWSTION have worked with Aekae Studio and EuropaType to create two new bags that look gorgeous and have multiple functions. Using an innovative, yet simply constructed strap system, QWSTION have created a really interesting strap approach – allowing the bags to be used in multiple uses – backpack, shoulder, tote, etc.

The Simple Shopper is a lovely looking tote that can be used as a backpack or shoulder bag.  The Simple Bag is more like a rucksack that can double as a backpack. Both look gorgeous in typical QWSTION styling.  Both bags are limited to 250 pieces, and are available in a new colorway, Wintergreen with straps in dark brown. The inside is adorned with a unique print designed by Fabian Leuenberger. Keen? Go buy one at QWSTION

  • digi_owl

    it is really funny how timeless the male feels.


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