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Antique Swiss WWII Pony Fur Rucksack

by , March 27, 2013

Our buddy Chris Bray (co-owner over at Billykirk) sent us an email of a unique antique pack he picked up recently.  A well-preserved World War II rucksack, made in Switzerland for the Swiss infantry troops up in the mountains.

The coolest part of this pack…that it is covered in pony fur. Because of the somewhat strange aesthetic, this pack was nicknamed Fällaff by some of the soldiers (meaning “hairy ape”).

Anyone else ever come across one of these beauties?  I’ve been looking to add one to my collection for years.  But the only examples I’ve found were improperly stored and left for dead.

If you are lucky enough to find one, you can expect to pay anywhere from $30 to $300, depending on if the shop owner knows what they’ve got.

We’d love to see any other interesting vintage/antique carry finds you may have found.  Shoot us an email!

Thanks for sending these photos over, Chris!  Enjoy.

WWII Swiss pony fur rucksack backpack 1

WWII Swiss pony fur rucksack backpack 2

WWII Swiss pony fur rucksack backpack 3

WWII Swiss pony fur rucksack backpack 4

WWII Swiss pony fur rucksack backpack 5

  • Will Ficner

    Love the fur packs! I’ve been ogling the somewhat similar Greman signalmans fur packs for a few years.

  • http://www.hiimdean.com Dean

    Don’t know if I should be impressed….or weirded out.

    I want one…but at the same time I don’t want one :/

    • http://www.coroflot.com/TaylorWelden Taylor Welden

      Hey Dean,

      Hahaha, we hear you.

      I’ve been weirded out by this since the day I first spotted one years ago. So weirded out by it that I’ve been wanting one ever since.

  • http://vanativestore.etsy.com Madeline

    This is stunning. stopped me in my internet tracks

    • http://www.coroflot.com/TaylorWelden Taylor Welden

      Nuts, right?!

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  • sidn

    Wow, great find! I had one of those when I was a boy scout (in Germany) over 15 years ago. It’s also called “Schweizer Affe” (swiss ape) and I valued it as it was very practical and convenient to use. And the looks are just great! You can still find some of them on ebay (at least in germany) for about 100$.

  • Sita

    I got one back home in Germany, I wouldn’t sell it, but I got it when I joined scouts, a lot of scouts have them and use them, their cool, although quite uncomfortable to carry, you wrap a sleeping bag in a blanket and attach it all around the bag, (and then you are one of the cool scouts but gotta sleep on an uncomfortable blanket rather than a padded mat like most others,…)


    I have one of these in great shape that I bought in a Swiss Army Surplus store in Zurich in 1973. It appears to be in about the same shape as this one in the photo. The leather, between the two hip pads, is clearly stamped with the manufacturer’s name and the year, 1925. I’m moving soon, and hoping to find it a good home. Anybody interested?

  • beja

    I have one of these, It’s in a great shape. I’d like to sell it.

  • Sam

    Hi there,

    Nice looking fur…I have a similar one that my sister picked up for me when they visited Switzerland some years back. However, I’d like to know what product to use to clean and preserve the leather. I’ve searched online, but I only get confused the more I search…”use mink oil…use neatsfoot oil (not compound)…use pecard’s mink oil…use obenauf’s… use this, use that…don’t use this or that…the leather won’t breathe…it will discolor the leather…it will rot the stitching…it stinks…it’s too oily and will only attract more dirt…use beeswax based products…never use mad-made products…blah, blah, blah…”

    Meanwhile…my pony pack is staring at me as if wanting to say…”just let me rot in peace.”

    Any help or advice would be highly appreciated…thanks in advance.

    • Taylor

      Thanks for your message, Sam.

      We hear you loud and clear on all the confusion of the leather care products out there. One website says one thing. Another says another thing! Insanity. Some swear by one product, others, in heated debate, swear by another. Super confusing.

      We’re actually working on a post to clarify all this right now!

      Simple suggestion- hit up Otter Wax. Tell them Carryology sent you. Tell them about your specific needs and they’ll give you one of their three all-natural products. Highly recommended.

      Stay tuned for the full post!

      • Sam

        Thanks Taylor for the recommendation…I’ve just sent them a note regarding my needs…should get a reply from them soon…will be waiting for the full post regarding such an issue.

      • Scott Miller

        Taylor, did you ever publish the post that you are referencing? I searched Otter Wax and didn’t seem to find anything. I am looking at how to restore a ‘Salt and Pepper’ rucksack from the 60’s. The leather could use some love. Thanks in advance.

  • Martijn

    I have one for you contact me if your interested 🙂

    • Sam

      Hi Martijn,

      I appreciate the offer, but I have already bought something for my use. It’s a beeswax-based product and so far it seems to be doing the job. I applied it to my fur rucksack (similar to the above in the article) around 2 months ago and the leather straps remain to be supple, while the rest of the leather looks good. The product did warn that some darkening would occur (and it did); more so on the underside of the straps.

      Again, thanks for the offer.

    • http://www.coroflot.com/TaylorWelden Taylor Welden

      Hey Martijn,

      How goes it?

      It could be fun to do an article on one of these, with even more detailed photos.

      What you would want for it?

      Shoot me an email at… Taylor@Carryology.com

      Take care!

    • Sam

      @ Martijn and Taylor:

      My apologies…I inadvertently thought Martijn’s message was for me.

  • Bill

    I have one. I guess it is in great shape…better than the above pictures. If interested let me know. It should be cared for by someone who actually wants it and appreciates it.

  • Beata Urszula Buszta

    I have one 🙂 I’d like to sell it. Does anyone interested? contact me via facebook


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