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m0851 Passeport Holder

by , October 10, 2010

m0851 Passeport Holder

m0851 Passeport Holder

Following on from the contributor inspired post last week, we have another we wanted to share with you. This time it’s from David Lang and his m0851 travel wallet. The travel wallet topic was a big hit after the Rip Curl Travel Wallet post went up a while back, so it’s interesting to look at some others. We intend to bring a full travel wallet post later on but for now we can share with you the m0851.

Firstly, a little history on m0851.

m0851 is based in Canada and create and produce their entire collection in Montreal (hence the funny ‘passeport’ spelling). On top of travel wallets, they also make bags, accessories and most recently leather bomber jackets! The piece in particular we’re talking about is the Passeport Holder.

With pockets in all the right places and it’s passport size, the m0851 Passeport Holder, in David’s words, ‘features beautiful leather and smells so damn good’.

On top of giving us great feedback and a mini review on the wallet, David was also kind enough to take some photos of his wallet, which shows us how it wears, how he packs it and how it looks.

Would you be able to let us know what you think are the major highlights of it?

In terms of width and height, it’s sized to carry a passport and nothing bigger so it fits comfortably in a typical pants pocket. I like the L-shaped passport slot as it holds the goods securely, but still allows the passport to be easily removed when the holder’s out of your pocket at customs. Slot at left for the small section of a boarding card and three slot on the right for cards. Also has one medium-sized and two big hidden slots at the back.

Made in Canada  using aniline calfskin leather that wears well and smells really good.

And areas you think it could be improved??

The medium-sized slot seems a little unnecessary. It does have its uses, but I’d rather a thinner wallet than the extra slot, although I’m sure some would rather the extra space. Also, the top right slot it is too high up and should be moved down or made deeper to lessen risk of a card sticking out over the top of the holder.

How long have you had it?

Ten months.

General feedback on it?

The m0851 is made using soft leather whereas many of the passport holders I’ve come across are made of a hardish, more scratch-proof kind of material. Personally I love the soft leather because evidence of travels get embedded into the surface giving it more personality over time. Plus, it feels nice to the touch which is oddly comforting while in transit. However, one thing to note about the material is that the user should not overstuff the holder it as it will stretch permanently. It took me a while to find a passport holder to settle on, but this has satisfied all my requirements while looking good and I’ve really enjoyed using it so far. Keeper.

m0851 Passeport Holder

m0851 Passeport Holder

m0851 Passeport Holder

m0851 Passeport Holder


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