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Hard Graft 2Unfold | Carry Candy

by , May 3, 2010
Hard Graft 2Unfold | Carry Candy
We’re starting a new type of post, and calling it Carry Candy (imaginative, we know).
These are the bags, wallets, and assorted carry items that we would LOVE to own (but usually can’t afford or justify). And to kick it off, we have a big love nest of Italian vegetable tanned leather called the 2Unfold.

If you’re not familiar with Hard Graft, go and have a play on their site. Like NOW. The English/Austrian duo behind this brand have an amazing aesthetic, paired with old world craft sensibilities. But the thing that really rocks our boat is how innovative they are with classic wool felt and leathers.

So the 2Unfold is basically a satchel/tote, but with a number of really impressive tricks:

  • It extends to be a full length folio bag, allowing you to carry large or long items
  • It then folds in half for a more manageable daily work bag
  • The shoulder strap can be threaded to make it a backpack
  • And a trademark lower hand loop lets you palm it with confidence

One downside with the Hard Graft pouches we currently own is that those delightful felts and leathers are pretty thick & luxurious, not leaving all that much room for your contents. But if you’re in to Hard Graft, you’re hopefully also in to minimalism and removing clutter from your life. So it shouldn’t be a biggie.

Oh, and if anyone has treated themselves to a 2Unfold, we would love to hear your thoughts on it. In the meantime, we’ll go back to drooling…

Take a peek at the bag below and head over to Hard Graft for more detailed images..

Hard Graft 2Unfold | Carry Candy


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.