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Accessories to help tidy and organize your backpack

Get Organized: 14 Accessories to Help Tidy Your EDC Bag

by , June 2, 2017

Bags vary. A lot. Some provide pockets and organizer panels for everything; others keep it clean and simple and dish up only a main compartment or two. And you may find a bag that’s great…some of the time. The problem is finding the perfect bag for the stuff you carry, as what we carry changes, sometimes from week to week or even on a daily basis. But this is where DIY organizing comes into its own.

Being able to organize your EDC items not only makes them easier to access, but also prevents general carry chaos in your bag. An added bonus? Organized gear is a lot easier to transfer between bags when you want to switch out your main bag to suit different settings or carry needs. And to help you on your way, we’ve rounded up 14 great accessories to help tidy your EDC bag… 

Cable Solutions

Velcro Ties

Cables and cords can cause a lot of clutter in your EDC, but these hook and loop ties are a convenient way to keep them in check. Reusable and adjustable, the ties are soft enough not to damage the cords and cables, yet durable enough to withstand daily use.  They’re also easy to cut or alternatively combine together to the specific length you need. Plus they can be used to secure a number of other items to your bag, making them a useful addition to have in your daily carry setup.

Nite Ize Gear Ties

Nite Ize Gear Ties combine a rubber exterior with a bendable wire interior, allowing the ties to bend in a variety of configurations without damaging your gear. Wrap them around items, create hooks, or even tie them together for longer lengths if needed. The Gear Ties come in a range of colors and sizes to help color-coordinate items, and are both waterproof and UV resistant.

Kikkerland Bobino Cord Wrap

The nifty design of Bobino cord wraps allows you to shorten or lengthen cords as needed, while still keeping them tidy on the go. They come in a choice of colors for quick cord identification, and are conveniently compact for storage if not in use.

Cable Turtle Organizer

The Cable Turtle Organizer houses a wound-up cable inside, getting rid of unsightly tangled messes while still allowing easy access for lengthening or shortening the cable. A variety of sizes are available for different cables and cords, and a choice of colors makes it easy to grab specific cables when you need them.

Keys and Tools

NomadClip Lightning To USB Carabiner

Putting a twist on traditional charging cables, the NomadClip combines a carabiner and charging cable in one. Hook it onto a belt loop or bag to keep a Lightning to USB cable within easy reach for charging devices. Plus the carabiner can also be used to secure additional small items such as a keychain or multitool.

Leatherman Carabiner Accessory

Compact, durable and lightweight, the Leatherman Carabiner Accessory can be easily carried on a bag, belt loop, or slipped inside a pocket. Not only is it handy for carrying keys and other small items, but it also includes an inbuilt hex driver and doubles as a bottle opener when a refreshing brew is in order.

Pens and Little Things

Magpul DAKA Pouch

Magpul’s DAKA Pouch packs a punch with its tough build and versatility. Weatherproof and durable, the pouch features reinforced polymer fabric with an anti-slip texture. The welded construction and YKK AquaGuard® water repellent zipper help protect the contents from the elements, and a paint pen dot matrix can be used for labeling the pouch. Available in a choice of sizes and colors to suit a variety of items, the DAKA Pouch can be carried inside a bag or secured externally through carabiner attachment points.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter™ Sac

Trying to shed the load while keeping your EDC tidy? The medium Pack-It Specter™ Sac weighs in at just 0.6 oz (18 g), providing a super lightweight means of keeping smaller items together and accessible within a bag. It’s also water repellent and comes with a carry clip, allowing you to carry it externally on your bag or hang it up at your destination. The lightweight, packable design is also convenient for travel use, whether you’re stashing toiletries, cables and chargers, or a pen and notebook.

GORUCK Field Pockets

If rugged durability is a key priority, GORUCK’s Field Pockets are more than capable of handling demanding use. The Field Pockets come in a variety of sizes to suit different items and uses, from storing camera accessories to keeping dopp kit essentials or chargers and cables in order. Padding offers extra protection on the move, while interior pockets provide internal organization.

Valuables and Gym Clothes

Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Dry Sack

Waterproof and lightweight, these dry sacks are great for peace of mind when you want to protect tech on the go or keep smelly and damp gym clothes separate from the rest of your gear. The dry sacks come in a choice of sizes and colors, and are easily packable for storing inside your EDC bag until needed. Handy features include a slippery finish to help make packing easy, and translucent material to quickly determine the contents.

A Little of Everything

Pouch Organizer

Pouch organizers can be some of the most useful ways to maintain carry order in your EDC bag. You can often benefit from a variety of interior and exterior organization options, such as pockets, elastic loops, or MOLLE webbing. Plus their compact, portable nature makes it easy to swap them from one bag to another, helping you save time by not having to transfer numerous individual items. For some inspiration, check out our article on top-notch pouch organizers.

Cocoon Grid-It Organizer

The Grid-It Organizer is a highly adaptable accessory for keeping a diverse range of items neat and tidy. The system features a number of elastic rubberized loops that store items in a variety of configurations, letting you easily adapt to changing EDC needs. As an added bonus, its easily portable format transports conveniently from one bag to another.

Laptops, Tools and Cords

Cargo Works 13″ MacBook EDC Kit

Tough and versatile, the 13″ MacBook EDC Kit can be carried by hand or over the shoulder and caters to a range of organization needs. Front MOLLE webbing can be used to attach quick-access or bulkier items externally. Interior pockets and elastic webbing take care of smaller items such as a tablet, phone, cables and other work or EDC tools. Finally, the padded main compartment keeps a 13″ laptop safe and secure on the move.

This Is Ground Mod Laptop 3

The Mod Laptop 3 is an elegant EDC organizer for work, day-to-day needs, or keeping travel essentials tidy. Crafted with vegetable-tanned leather in a choice of colorways, the Mod Laptop 3 comes in different sizes to suit different tech devices. A range of loops and pockets accommodate a laptop, tablet, phone, cables, pens and more, and the organizer also accepts This Is Ground’s Mod inserts for further organization if desired. Rounding things off is the flexibility to carry the Mod Laptop 3 by hand or with the removable shoulder strap to suit different settings.


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