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6 ‘Built to Last’ Keychain Carabiners for Everyday Carry

by , October 18, 2017

Home keys, car keys, work keys…out of all the EDC items we carry, some form of keys will likely always make the list. And if you carry multiple keys and multitools or flashlights, keychain carabiners are great at keeping these items within easy reach.

And when you need to attach heavier stuff to the outside of your pack, these are awesome for that too.

But just like any carry niche, carabiners vary in build quality and functionality. Some are lightweight fashion-friendly carabiners, while others are burly and built for taking the weight of a full rock-climbing human.

But an EDC carabiner walks the line between fashion and function. It needs to be burly and reliable – after all, it’s carrying important items day in and day out. But the likes of a climbing carabiner intended for equipment or people can be overkill for carrying keys. Aesthetics also play a role here. If you’re going to carry it every day, you’ll want something aesthetically pleasing. And slimmer and smaller, helping you keep your carry setup streamlined and awesome.

So which ones are nailing that balance of form and function? Check out some of our favorite ‘built to last’ EDC keychain carabiners below.

Fortius Arms KeyBiner Carabiner (US$ 35)

Fortius Arms KeyBiner Carabiner

The Fortius Arms KeyBiner Carabiner combines durability and functional design on many levels. First up, it incorporates a range of tools to handle day-to-day tasks, such as wrenches, a bottle opener, pry bar and screwdriver. Secondly, the design stores up to 14 keys neatly and quietly, so you can avoid that annoying key clink when you’re on the go. The KeyBiner is constructed without sharp edges to protect clothing and comes in a choice of materials and color options.

Mas Design K11 Titanium Key Carabiner (from US$ 40)

Mas Design K11 Titanium Key Carabiner

Sleek and durable, this elegant carabiner looks stylish in work and play settings alike and is available in a choice of finishes. Constructed with lightweight yet hard-wearing titanium, the carabiner not only holds keys but also includes an unobtrusive bottle opener in its design.

Bond-Vox HALO – Titanium (US$ 79)

Bond-Vox HALO

Striking in aesthetics and durable in build, the Bond-Vox HALO is a multifunctional carabiner available in a range of materials to suit your personal preferences. In addition to carrying keys, the carabiner also includes useful features such as a bottle opener, hex drive and pry bar, along with jimping for improved grip.

HANDGREY H3 Titanium Keychain Carabiner (US$ 80)

HANDGREY H3 Titanium Keychain Carabiner

Tough, eye-catching and thoughtfully designed, the HANDGREY H3 carabiner features a hybrid gate that allows the carabiner or keys to be easily removed or attached while preventing other keys from slipping off. The H3 is crafted with Grade 5 Titanium for long-lasting and lightweight durability.

HANDGREY HG Titanium Bottle Opener Carabiner (US$ 90)

HANDGREY HG Titanium Bottle Opener Carabiner

Designed to embrace the long haul, the rugged HANDGREY HG will serve you well for years to come with its well-constructed, titanium build. A closed loop keeps keys securely attached even when the gate is open, and the inbuilt bottle opener makes it easy to enjoy a refreshing brew wherever you find yourself.

ANSØ of DENMARK Carabiner V3 Titanium (US$ 135)

ANSØ of DENMARK Carabiner V3 Titanium

This handsome carabiner combines simplicity, practicality and appealing aesthetics into one multifunctional design. Crafted from titanium, the ANSØ of DENMARK Carabiner V3 comes in a choice of colors and includes a bottle opener and pry bar/screwdriver for added functionality. And with multiple attachment points to choose from, you can keep keys and small EDC items secure yet easily accessible.


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