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All brass EDC

6 Amazing All Brass EDC Accessories

by , October 30, 2018
Hey there, Carryologists! Yong-Soo here again, back with another EDC column. We’re going to go with an all-brass theme this week! Brass is among our favorites because of its ruggedness and ability to develop a beautiful patina over time. Brass is also valued for its ease of machinability while retaining high strength. On that note, I’ve gathered up some of my favorite brass EDC items in all shapes and sizes – hope you like it!

T&P Avis-Pry Titanium Tool Companion

Tactical and Portable Avis-Pry Titanium Tool Companion
If you’re a frequent traveler or simply a minimalist who prefers to carry light, the T&P Avis-Pry Titanium Tool Companion will definitely get you going. This unique little tool packs an inordinate amount of functionality into the smallest package possible. The main body is constructed from Titanium with a brass accent outer plate. Within its elegantly compact frame is a utility blade for your everyday cutting tasks, and integrated within the design are a bottle opener and pry tool for scoring, scraping, marking and prying.

Koch Tools Treble Dangler – Brass

Koch Tools Treble Dangler

A creation of Justin Koch, the Koch Tools Treble Dangler is the perfect multi-functional pocket tool that lets you do more with less. Machined from solid brass, the Treble Dangler incorporates a handy bottle opener, pocket or belt loop, and three areas to attach various keys and mini tools.

“Firefighter” Zippo Lighter

“Firefighter” Zippo Lighter

The “Firefighter” Zippo Lighter features laser-engraved artwork portraying a courageous firefighter battling the flames, along with a poignant reminder for us to always “fight what you fear”. It’s a call for us to seize the day, to never back down, and to conquer ourselves in order to become stronger. The timeless Zippo is finished in a high polish brass, and has an old-world aesthetic and charm to it.
This brass Square Minimalist Lantern is like a lighthouse for your keys. With its high-quality glow-in-the-dark material made in Japan, this lantern will glow naturally in the dark and will glow even better when charged in the sunlight or using a flashlight for a few seconds. With its solid brass construction, this lantern will serve as a beacon for your keys.

OberMetalWorks Square Head Hammer Keychain – Brass (Exclusive)

OberMetalWorks Square Head Hammer Keychain

Machined from solid brass in the USA, this Square Head Hammer Keychain is hefty and ready to rock and roll. Even the custom-made brass keyring matches the all-brass construction for all you brass lovers out there. It serves as a great anchoring point to grab ahold of your keychain while adding an artistic flair and personal touch to your carry.

Prometheus Alpha Pen – Brass

Prometheus Writes Alpha Pen

The Prometheus Alpha Pen in an illustrious brass is built from the ground up to be the best everyday carry pen. Of all your EDC tools, the pen probably gets a good amount of use. Since you’re reaching for it multiple times a day, it makes sense to have something that’s well made and enjoyable to use.


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.