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The Best Smart Luggage in the Game

by , October 18, 2016

A decade ago the term ‘smart’ luggage meant travel carry that looked stylish and elegant. Fast-forward a few years and the term – just like technology – has been updated. So what does ‘smart luggage’ actually mean?

In essence, it refers to luggage that has inbuilt technology, such as device charging facilities, location tracking and built-in luggage scales. Worried about your phone’s battery dying during your trip? Not a problem when your case can charge it. Want to make sure you avoid excess baggage fees? A digital scale can warn you if you’ve overpacked. Want to be able to track your luggage en route, or locate it if it gets lost or stolen? Smart luggage can help you do that.

And like most things these days, brands in this biz offer apps that you can download. Features such as flight updates, weather forecasts, packing list reminders or suggestions for things to see and do at your destination beep and blip from your phone. Smart, huh?

Smart luggage is becoming an increasingly popular field, and like any industry, there are some great examples and some not so great. So to help you travel better, we’ve rounded up a selection of those who are doing it well…


The carry-on sized G-RO can be purchased as is, or with optional G-RO Power and G-RO Tracker. These additional features provide a 23000 mAh battery for charging tech, as well as a location tracker and proximity detector. You can charge multiple devices via the bag’s charging station which provides two USB ports. But what makes this a great bag overall is pairing these smart features with other handy travel features such as a built-in tablet stand, all-terrain wheels, and a long telescoping handle that stops at multiple points to suit different users.

Planet Traveler Space Case 1

The Space Case 1 packs in a host of smart features and is available in carry-on and check-in options. A biometric lock with fingerprint recognition allows the case to be closed or opened with a fingerprint scan or through an app. The case includes inbuilt weight sensors in the wheels to help you avoid excess baggage fees. A removable power bank and two exterior USB charging ports provide juice to gadgets when you’re on the go, and there’s also a third interior USB port for charging stowed devices. There’s even an integrated Bluetooth speakerphone that can be used for listening to music or hands-free phone calls. The associated app also provides location tracking and an anti-theft security alarm that can be issued through your phone as well as the case’s speaker.

DELSEY Pluggage

DELSEY’s Pluggage and travel-friendly app deliver French elegance to your journeys to make them smoother and more enjoyable. The inbuilt scale displays luggage weight on the app, a charging port for your phone keeps you connected on the move, and on-board detection notifies you when the case is on the plane. A number of other nifty features are included such as interior lighting for improved visibility of the contents, fingerprint ID for opening the case, an inbuilt speaker, and an app function to check the luggage is still locked. Bonus? DELSEY are old hands at the luggage game, so they know how to make a case that looks great too.


A number of features you’d expect in smart luggage are present in the Trunkster. A removable power bank and two USB ports for charging your tech? Check. A digital scale? Sorted. Location tracking? You’ve got it. And then the case takes access to the next level with a sliding rolltop door. That means boosted theft protection and no more vulnerable zippers, one of the key weakness points in luggage.

Away Carry-On

The Carry-On’s removable interior 10000 mAh battery teams up with two USB ports to enable multiple device charging. The case also offers a variety of other handy features such as lightweight polycarbonate construction, interior compression, a removable laundry bag, and quality spinner wheels. The direct-to-consumer model helps keep costs down, making it the most affordable option on our list


Raden’s carry-on and check-in pieces pair sleek looks with built-in charging capability, proximity sensors, spinner wheels and lightweight polycarbonate construction. The 7800 mAh battery and two USB ports help keep devices powered up, while an integrated luggage scale helps keep your carry weight down.


Bluesmart is a carry-on case that autolocks if it leaves your side, can be tracked as you travel, and includes remote locking using the Bluesmart app. The case comes with a 10400 mAh battery and one USB port, and includes a digital scale to help prevent excess baggage fees eating into your holiday fund.


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