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Carry On Week | QWSTION

by , March 7, 2012

Carry On Week | QWSTION

Carry On Week | QWSTION

To keep the Carry On week vibe continuing, we’ve gone and chatted with three brands and their designers who we think cover a good range of carry on product. RIMOWA (who are renowned for hard case Carry On’s), QWSTION (who are playing in a modern work and play space), and Travelteq (who are mixing old and new to reinterpret and reinvent Carry On luggage). First up is Christian from QWSTION

Carry On Week | QWSTION

QWSTION :: Christian Paul Kaegi

1/ Apart from weight and size, what are the other challenges that you have to be aware of when designing bags aimed at the Carry On market?

Openings and pockets need to be in the right place; you don’t want to be fiddling around when you’re standing in line at the security check and need to get something out of your bag. You also need to make sure you find the right balance between features and weight. There is a lot out there in this segment of the market, so our aim was to create a product with a distintive look.

2/ How do you resolve the balance between having all the features vs keeping it light?

A strong focus needs to be put on construction. We make sure not to have excess material.

3/ At what point do you stop using factory made generic components and start building/creating your own to get that advantage in weight and features?

That is a matter of investments you can make, although I think it is not necessary on all components to have them customised. Sourcing is definitely important, whether you use generic parts or custom made ones.

4/ How much does the use of factory made generic components hinder your designs in terms of features, weight, overall design?

I think when it comes to functionality, the generic components allow 95% of a possible 100%. Concerning the design, which also includes the integration of functionality in the look, the limitations are bigger.

5/ What’s the most remarkable element in your carry on model this season?

What makes the QWSTION 3 Day Travelbag stand out is the distinctive look with the external compression straps, or more generally spoken the integration of functionality in the design. 

6/ Style vs fashion? Do you update to hit current trends, or design something that is more timeless and just color it up each season?

We believe in timeless design, and quality products. Our efforts go into quality improvements rather than trend research.

7/ Are carry on bags right now where you thought they would be when first started designing them? Or have they failed to progress? Why do you think this?

It has become easier for small brands to be heard, which increases variety in the market and triggers innovation. I think this is a good development from a user perspective.

Carry On Week | QWSTION


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