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Carry On Week :: Part II

by , March 7, 2012

Carry On Week :: Part II

Carry On Week | Part II

Ahhh, how good is this! The Carry On vibe is continuing on from yesterday’s post and today we’ve lined up a quick guest post from Shane Helm (Global Chairman of Bags at Rip Curl). He takes five minutes to share some neat little tips and ideas on how to pack lightly when only taking carry on luggage.

“OK, this is pretty easy, bag selection is crucial. I’m always doing short trips and if it’s under three days it will be a one bag only deal.

Find something with an exclusive laptop pocket that has an external zipper. You want to get that laptop in and out quick and easy as you pass through security. Nothing worse than digging around in your main section for your laptop only to have your dirty socks and jocks fall on the person behind you.

Other things I look for are a large main section, somewhere to hold a drink bottle, and a way to carry things externally (those skate straps come in pretty handy when you want to peel off your jacket running between gates).”

Carry On Week :: Part II

Above image via thingsorganizedneatly

For this exercise I’m taking one backpack for a three day run to Sydney.

Throw everything I want on the bed. Whatever clothes are clean, toiletries, FlipFlops, Bear Grylls survival kit, (very important) laptop, iPhone charge cable/headphones, etc.

Take nothing extra. If you are leaving Tuesday morning and returning Thursday night you only need 2 shirts in your bag. Remember you will be wearing one…

Other handy tips:
-Bamboo socks (no stink, brilliant, especially when you put used socks back in your bag).
-Roll your clothes, don’t fold. This helps in preventing wrinkles.
-Slim your toiletries. Take sample or airline toothpaste and toothbrush. No shaving = no razor, no cream.
-Get an iPhone! This is a phone/camera/ipod/alarm clock all in one. And charger is just a USB cable.
-Lightweight shoes. Pretty cheap and easy to find these days. Not recommended for hiking. You can fold these in half.

After enjoying the freedom of travelling without checked baggage, you will be forever finding new ways to minimize your gear. But remember not to go too far with this. Changing underwear every day is not an optional extra!
If you are anything like me you will be attempting a two week run through Hong Kong and China with nothing but a backpack and a cabin roll-on.

We’ve picked out three backpacks that we think would work well in regard’s to Shane’s tips.

1/ Goruck GR2

Carry On Week :: Part II

2/ MLC Patagonia


3/ Rip Curl Ultimate Search

Carry On Week :: Part II


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