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5 Minutes with

5 minutes w/Travelteq

by , November 9, 2012

5 minutes w/Travelteq

A new post in our ’5 Minutes With’ series, we get the good stuff from Michiel, partner at Travelteq… Michiel had just got back from a visit to the Travelteq factory in Tuscany, Italy when he sent these answers over…

1 – What key insights drive your stuff (what have you realised that others may not have yet)?

I think our tagline “Smart Traveling” says it all. We try to make smart and convenient travel products that we miss in our daily lives. At the same time we want to look smart while traveling. All products should be timeless and of the highest quality. I think this combination is unique and therefore we operate in a niche.

5 minutes w/Travelteq

2 – Who is else is doing rad things in the world of carry? Could you elaborate on those things – functions/features, technology, philosophy, materials, etc. and why do you think they’re important…

I think there are 2 other brands that are doing well in the world of carry, Tumi and Rimowa. They continue to innovate with lighter and stronger materials. Very convenient travel gear. But not the whole package. The designs are not very exciting.

3 – Are there any things other brands do that you think are great or could be improved?

The thing that bothers me most are the high end brands that sell their products for way too much and the quality is often not that good. 

5 minutes w/Travelteq

4 – What’s next for you guys?

We are working on several different new models for our bag line to complete the range. A weekend bag and a tote for example. Also we will be working more with nylon and canvas in the future.

5 – What do you carry daily and how?

The product that I carry daily is my Trash Original laptop bag. It’s all I need for my daily work and every day I’m proud to walk the streets with a bag like this.

5 minutes w/Travelteq


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