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Orbitkey Ring, Clip and Strap

Kickstarter Highlight: Orbitkey Ring, Clip and Strap

by , November 15, 2017

Crowdfunding is fast becoming the world’s go-to platform for new releases. But do you ever find it hard to cut through the noise and pin down the ones worth your hard-earned? Well, that’s where this sponsored series comes in. We’re vetting carry Kickstarters for you, digging up the facts, and shedding light on the ones we think are worth a closer look.

This week’s selection: Orbitkey and their Orbitkey Ring, Clip and Strap.

The key to solving a universal carry problem

Keys. How could something so small cause so much carry frustration? Unfortunately, pretty easily. Stash them in your pocket and you’re likely to get more than a few unfriendly nips from those key teeth. They dig into you and create a cluttered mess that makes it hard to access other items in your pocket. And if you try to hook them on a belt or bag? Get ready for every step to be accompanied by an annoying clink. However, the folks behind the Orbitkey knew there had to be a better way, and they made it. The Orbitkey presents a simple, slim and effective solution for carrying keys compactly and jangle-free.

Orbitkey Ring

But this wasn’t the end of key carry problems. One common and highly frustrating obstacle was yet to be tackled by Orbitkey. The keyring. Humble in appearance, mighty in its ability to aggravate by jabbing into fingers, damaging nails and wasting time by snapping shut just when you’d almost managed to slip an item on or off. So the Orbitkey folks put their collective heads together to come up with a better alternative. And they did: the Orbitkey Ring.

Orbitkey Ring

Don’t let keys run rings around you

Unlike standard keyrings, the Orbitkey Ring opens easily and quickly with a simple pinch, pull and rotate action. No struggling to slip keys on while trying to keep the ring open. No poked fingers. No hunting for a tool to help pry it apart. Just efficient access whenever you need it.

Orbitkey Ring

The Orbitkey Ring fits a variety of keys and makes it easy to swap out keys, multitools and other items to suit changing needs. Crafted with stainless steel and a polymer core, the Orbitkey Ring is both durable and stylishly understated.

Orbitkey Ring

Clip and go

Orbitkey haven’t stopped at rethinking the keyring. They’ve also set their sights on decluttering your pockets with the Orbitkey Clip. This sleek carabiner offers a smooth surface and big gate opening for easily attaching and removing items. Ideal if you want to avoid bulging pockets and have your keys at the ready, the Orbitkey Clip works equally well clipped onto a belt loop or bag.

Orbitkey Clip

It includes an Orbitkey Ring and a hassle-free clasp to conveniently detach and change out keyrings as required. The Orbitkey Clip works with the Orbitkey for clink-free carry and is also a handy means of securing items such as a water bottle or ID to your bag or person. Built to last, the Clip is made with a chic and durable combination of stainless steel, polymer and leather.

Orbitkey Clip

A strapping addition to your EDC

So what if you don’t want to use a clip but still want fast access to your keys? The Orbitkey Strap is a clean, classy and functional alternative. This full-grain leather strap wraps securely around your wrist for hands-free carry, and is also useful for quickly locating your keys or other small carry items inside a bag without having to rummage.

Orbitkey Strap

The versatile design also works as a camera wrist strap, and includes a quick-release clasp and Orbitkey Ring for easy interchangeability of items.

Orbitkey Strap

Stand-alone solutions or an all-in-one combo

The Orbitkey Ring, Clip and Strap are great at solving key carry problems individually. But they also excel as a combined solution, giving you easy and quick access on the go with fuss-free functionality.

Orbitkey Ring, Clip and Strap

Want to swap hassle for effortless efficiency in your everyday key carry? Check out the Orbitkey Ring, Clip and Strap Kickstarter campaign, which has already smashed its funding goal and runs until 12 January 2018.

Orbitkey Ring, Clip and Strap

Note: this is a sponsored series, but only the best candidates are given this feature placement.

Above are the facts, but there’s always a little risk when backing a crowdfunder, so keep that in mind before you decide to back/purchase.


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