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Adapt on the Fly with the Tego Adventure Kit

by , August 11, 2021

No one bag suits everybody…or does it? The Tego Adventure Kit tackles the question of creating a carry solution that’s suitable for everyone. How? By offering a modular pouch and roll setup that changes according to your specific needs, rather than requiring you to adapt to it.

Tego Adventure Kit

A new approach to carry takes flight

Parker Thomas is a man who likes to make things. Including an airplane. And while he explored in this very airplane, he needed maintenance tools to come along for the ride. Enter the humble tool roll. Parker loved the organizational functionality that tool rolls offered and later applied this functionality to his own Dopp kit design to store his toiletries. Friends liked his functional toiletry kit too. So did a lot of others, as a much wider crowdfunding audience embraced the toiletry tool roll.

Tego Adventure Kit

But like any good design journey, ongoing refinement helps elevate good design to great design. Parker and the team at Tashtego are now launching their third crowdfunding campaign, the Tego Adventure Kit. And what makes this one even better? Well, 35 backers from the previous campaign spent a year helping to co-design this kit, detailing their needs and desires to help shape a truly multifunctional piece of kit that will properly serve many different needs.

Modular travel Kit

Making the most of modularity

Let’s be honest, one single bag or pouch isn’t going to serve every possible carry option for every person. But an integrated modular system offers a huge amount of versatility, while enabling the all-in-one portability of a singular carry piece.

Tego Adventure Kit

This is exactly what the Tego Adventure Kit offers. It provides seven different sections that can slide together or be removed. This gives you the flexibility to carry just the sections you need to suit different loads and trips. So whether you need to carry a lot or a little, you’re good to go.

The seven sections include a waterproof compartment, two mesh zipper pockets, elastic straps, cord wraps, two bigmouth pockets, and an exterior pocket. This setup accommodates a large variety of items, including tools, makeup, art supplies, toiletries, tech accessories, and much more. Even mix and match to carry multiple categories in one practical organizational roll.

Tego Adventure Kit

Sustainably made to roam near and far

Whether you’re grabbing the Tego Adventure Kit to use on your travels or to neatly stash daily carry items, you need it to stand up to regular use. And it does. It’s built tough but with sustainability a key focus too. The Tego Adventure Kit features a water-resistant recycled PET outer shell, recycled PET liner, and durable YKK zippers. Each kit uses 2.7 post-consumer recycled soda bottles in its construction. Tashtego is also Climate Neutral Certified so you can feel confident they really do care about sustainable carry solutions.  

Sustainably made travel kit

The beauty of the Tego Adventure Kit is its organizational prowess. You can easily roll it up and store it in a larger bag, and when you unroll it again, all your items are easily accessible, exactly where you stored them. The kit can lay flat to keep items from coming into direct contact with countertops, plus it’s hangable too. So you can travel with a little more peace of mind if you’re short on space or don’t want your items coming into contact with particular surfaces. An added bonus? It’s machine-washable too.

Customizable travel Kit

A customizable, sustainable solution designed with YOU in mind

People carry differently. They go to different places and carry a multitude of different loads. But the Tego Adventure Kit embraces these different needs, so you can benefit from a solution that really does fit your specific requirements. Whether you’re running with a minimalist EDC setup, packing a bit more for a weekend away, or taking all seven sections for a roll-and-go, around-the-world adventure, this kit will keep up. If you’re keen to make this sustainably made, customizable solution your own, check out the Kickstarter campaign for the Tego Adventure Kit.

UPDATE: People seem to love this idea too with the campaign funded in under 9mins!

Adapt on the Fly  with the Tego Adventure Kit
Adapt on the Fly  with the Tego Adventure Kit


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