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BIGxTOP Daysack


BIGxTOP Daysack Review

by , August 15, 2022
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It was a blazing orange sun out of the box. Immediately energizing. Just as I had hoped after seeing pictures on BIGxTOP’s Instagram. I ran my fingers over the material. Peeked inside. Looking good so far. But what exactly was I looking at? The BIGxTOP Daysack.

BIGxTOP is a UK brand founded by Jordan Trent. This one-man operation focuses on backpacks and cycling bags. Jordan began making bags in 2011 and is inspired by the tough climbing packs of the ‘70s and ‘80s, while the bike bags find the sweet spot between functionality and simplicity.

The Daysack is designed for use in a range of settings, including cycling, camping, and walking in both outdoor and urban environments. For my testing, I used the pack in a variety of environments, from trekking about the city to outdoor hikes and short trips.

As you can surmise, I was excited on seeing the pack. But aesthetics quickly fade to the background when you’re depending on a bag to protect your gear in wet weather, to endure multi-hour treks in rural outdoor terrain, and to efficiently hold everything you need for the day ahead. So let’s find out how the BIGxTOP Daysack fared when put to the test…

BIGxTOP Daysack


  • Name: Daysack
  • Brand: BIGxTOP
  • Format: Backpack
  • Measurement: 550 x 270 x 170 (mm)
  • Capacity: Feels around 25L
  • Weight: Just under 1.2kg
  • Zippers: YKK
  • Material: 1000D nylon exterior (or 500D for Multicam Black colorway), truck tarp lining, US 550 paracord
  • Price£130


Who It Suits

The BIGxTOP Daysack will suit those looking for a hybrid urban/outdoor daypack. A bag that will haul your groceries home during the week and stride up the hills with you on the weekend. It’s a versatile travel companion too, offering more than enough space for overnight trips or stashing your essentials during a day of sightseeing.  

Who It Doesn’t

This pack is not well suited to carrying tech, as there is no dedicated storage for this. If you are carrying tech devices, you’ll want to store them in protective sleeves first and you won’t benefit from a separate quick-access laptop compartment. It also might not appeal to those who enjoy highly technical-looking packs or techwear vibes.

BIGxTOP Daysack



You can see the nod to classic hiking packs in the design, though the silhouette is understated enough to blend into urban settings too. I think it’s a thoughtful design that won’t shout ‘I’ve just stepped off the trails’ in the city but also looks at home in more rugged terrain. It’s outdoorsy in a subtle way, giving it the flexibility to move smoothly between a variety of environments. And hey, if you’re not digging the orange, rest assured there are plenty more colors to choose from too.

BIGxTOP Daysack


I was really hoping this bag would be built tough. And I’m happy to report that it is. I’ve hauled it through a range of different environments with a variety of different loads and haven’t experienced any issues with the construction. No stitching failures. No rips or tears. It’s solid and will take a beating, so you don’t need to worry about venturing out with this pack for a hard day of use.

Materials and Hardware

The pack features a 1000D nylon exterior (apart from the Multicam Black colorway which is 500D) and a white floating truck tarp liner. The pack currently comes in 11 colorways, so as mentioned if orange isn’t your jam, there are plenty more options to suit your personal tastes.

The pack uses US 550 paracord for the zipper pulls and drawstring. The paracord comes in four colorways, so you can have fun choosing your favorite material and paracord combination. The pockets feature reverse YKK zippers that feel solid and operate smoothly.

All the hardware on the pack is plastic but it feels durable and high quality and helps cut down on weight too.   

BIGxTOP Daysack


Pockets and Organization

I think the BIGxTOP Daysack offers a well-considered mix of organization that’s functional and versatile, without cluttering up the design.

First up, pockets. One in the lid, one on the front of the pack, and dual side pockets. The lid pocket provides handy storage for quick-access items like a wallet and phone and has a storm flap over the zipper. The front pocket stretches the width and height of the main compartment, with the zipper protected from the elements by the top lid. Given its size you can store a variety of items in here, though these can become a little harder to access if the main compartment is full.

BIGxTOP Daysack

The side pockets are deep and securely hold water bottles without feeling like they’ll tip out. These pockets are handy for other quick-access items too (such as stashing a hat or snacks) and could also be used for items such as a tripod. One thing to be aware of is that these side pockets don’t have any give to them, so they can be tricky to store items in if the main compartment is full. Jordan has previously hinted that there may be a pocket redesign in the future and it would be great to see these with a bit of elastic give or similar to them. 

BIGxTOP Daysack

Other key features of the pack’s organization are the side compression straps and front straps for securing larger or quick-access items. The side compression straps let you adjust the volume of the pack if needed and help secure longer items stored in the side pockets. The front straps provide a simple and effective means of storing bulky items like a rolled-up blanket or jacket and can also be used to hook carabiners or pouches on. If you don’t want the tactical look of PALS webbing but still want exterior attachment options, this setup could be a great alternative for your needs.

Additionally, there’s a spot for a bike light or carabiner at the front bottom of the pack. You can also create loops with the buckle webbing if you want to hook additional items on. Last but not least, each shoulder strap also has a D-ring on the front for securing quick-access items.  

BIGxTOP Daysack

There is no organization within the main compartment itself, so it’s well suited to those who like using pouches for their smaller items. I found the organization worked really well for my needs, keeping my smaller valuables secure but accessible on the go and providing the flexibility to accommodate bulkier items too without commandeering the entirety of the main compartment.


Space and Access

The pack has a dual-buckle top lid with a drawstring closure underneath to secure the main compartment. While they don’t have the speed of magnetic buckles, the pack’s lid buckles were secure yet easy to open as needed and the drawstring opening was simple to operate too, with no unwanted slippage while in use. The adjustable lid buckle webbing and drawstring closure provide flexible volume too, allowing you to store additional gear or taller items if you need to.

BIGxTOP Daysack

The pack offers plenty of space for daily essentials in urban or outdoor settings. It comfortably holds an outer layer, a camera, food, a multitool, a water bottle, and more if you’re hitting the trails. I’ve comfortably carried everything I needed for me and my dog for an overnight trip too, including a change of clothes, toiletries, dog food, a dog bowl, a dog towel, some toys, and his blanket bed rolled up and strapped to the outside. Only having to carry one bag made it easy for us to maneuver on and off the train and complete the hour’s trek home from the station on foot.

BIGxTOP Daysack

The white lining is convenient for quickly discerning different items in the main compartment. Additionally, I found the main compartment offered a good amount of space without being too deep, so I could still easily retrieve items at the bottom of the pack.

To confirm, this is a top-loading pack with no other access to the main compartment. So you’ll need to pack accordingly to ensure frequently used gear isn’t at the bottom of the pack. However, the exterior webbing straps and pockets provide flexible storage for keeping quick-access gear close to hand. 


The back panel and shoulder straps are well padded and the sternum strap is easily adjustable in height to find your preferred position. The pack doesn’t come with load lifters or a waist strap but I don’t think this is too much of an issue, as you’re unlikely to regularly haul really big or heavy loads with it, given its size. The option of a removable webbing waist belt might be a future design iteration worth considering. There were a couple of instances where I was clambering over rocks and felt the pack shift to the side, making me more conscious of having to maintain balance. However, I was carrying a fairly heavy load and moving in awkward angles so pack movement was understandable here. So again, I think “optional” is the way to go if a waist belt features in a future design, as not everyone will require one for their intended use and loads, though it could come in handy for load stability during active use.

BIGxTOP Daysack

I like to wear the pack quite high up and the shoulder straps are straightforward to adjust by pulling on the strap webbing. There is no excess webbing management but you can create a temporary fix by tucking the excess into the webbing running up the front of the shoulder straps. Not ideal, but it does in a pinch if you don’t have an alternative means of webbing management on hand.

Apart from the shoulder straps for portability, there is a simple webbing grab handle at the top rear of the pack. It’s not padded but it feels fine for carrying the pack over short distances or lifting it into and out of vehicles or tight spaces and has come in useful on multiple occasions.

One thing to note is that there is no breathable airmesh or large airflow channels on the back panel. So this won’t be the best option for really humid conditions. I’ve hiked for several hours with this pack in Scottish early summer conditions and it’s been fine. But if you’re tackling extended hikes in sweltering heat, you may want to look at a more specialized hiking pack.

BIGxTOP Daysack

I like to think of this pack as a jack of all trades; a day bag you can use across a variety of environments. While it’s not the most comfortable pack I’ve ever worn, it’s comfy enough for day-to-day use in town or exploring some trails on your travels.


The pack’s floating liner makes it highly weatherproof as there are no seams from the bag’s exterior to the interior. You’ll find the lining under the lid, in the main compartment, and on the front interior face of the front pocket. I had no issues with water getting into the main compartment during testing. Do note though that you’ll want to make sure the drawstring is securely closed and the sides are tucked in at the top of the main compartment so you benefit from the lining underneath the top lid. Plus obviously don’t put anything in the open side pockets that can’t afford to get wet.

If you’re going to be in monsoon conditions, you’ll likely want a 100% waterproof bag but I’ve used this pack while kayaking and in moderate rain and the contents have been fine.

BIGxTOP Daysack

The Good

  • - Durable materials and construction
  • - Versatile organization
  • - Great value for money
  • - Multifunctional for outdoor and urban use

The Not So Good

  • - Back panel lacks breathability
  • - Side pockets can be restricted when the pack is full

BIGxTOP Daysack


To be clear, this pack is not a specialist. Its strength is in its versatility. Earlier I mentioned the BIGxTOP Daysack is something of a jack of all trades. But that doesn’t mean it’s trying to be everything to everyone. Primarily I think this pack is a great urban/outdoor hybrid for users who want straightforward, hard-wearing design with the flexibility to take on the trails or city streets.

I also think it’s a worthy option for those who want a more affordable pack that still exudes quality and dependability. This pack comes in at £130, which isn’t necessarily ‘cheap’ but I think is awesome value for what you’re getting. The materials and craftsmanship provide peace of mind that this pack will keep going strong for many years to come. The pack is made to order, so you might need to wait a couple of weeks to get it. But it’s worth the wait and will become a trusty grab-and-go companion for a wide range of activities and loads.

BIGxTOP Daysack

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