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The Carryology Concept Store: What a Ride!

by , June 16, 2017

It started with an idea. A series of what ifs – what if we could experiment, what if we could build our dream store and fill it with the brands we love, big and small? What if we created a space for carry geeks, and the curious alike, to converge upon? What if we could give it a real crack, and create something pretty special? We think we did that… and what a ride it’s been.

But now the time has come for our pop-up to pack down. So we’ll be closing the doors in the coming weeks. And begin working towards our next big idea.

Looking back, these past 18 months from conception to concept store, have truly been awesome. We’ve learned a bunch, experienced the industry from another angle (and got to tinker with what we thought carry retail should be), and freed ourselves up to play in a space other than digital.

The Carryology Concept Store: What a Ride!

That meant being on the ground, with you guys, in person. And we got to hang out with many of you. Exchange stories. Talk about carrying stuff and carrying better (drinking a few crisp ales together in the process). It was epic!

We’ve taken note of the whole experience, squirrelled our learning-filled notepads away for safe keeping, so we can revisit them soon to dig out the insights and apply them right here, on Carryology.com, to make it even better.

And hey, we know that a lot of you wanted to make the pilgrimage, but Australia is super far from everywhere, and not everyone could make it Down Under. So we’ve put together some highlights from the store’s time, so we can all take a moment to enjoy it for what is was – which was something kinda special. 🙂

Carry on,

Mike and Team Carryology

Carryology Store Sendoff

Big shout out to our in-store staff too, who created and nurtured the carry spirit throughout. Hugs and high-fives go out to Han, Chris, Ben, Josh, Josh 2.0, Swann and Howard, nice one legends! You were truly awesome.

*If you’re a Melbournian or passing through town, we have special treat for our local buddies with up to 40% off store wide (excld. Bellroy), starting June 17th. Check out the store’s social media accounts (IG, FB and Twitter) for more details.


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.