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EVERGOODS x Carryology Griffin


EVERGOODS x Carryology | A Griffin for the Ages

by , September 19, 2023

Our Phoenix collections (V1 and V2) were born from futuristic high-tech materials and technology – but this time we’re looking back to the Old World. A new collaboration crafted as an ode to the past and a celebration of vintage timelessness. 

Introducing the EVERGOODS x Carryology Griffin Collection.

Designed to be hard-wearing, handsome, and an heirloom collection for the ages.



Once the ashes from Phoenix V2 had fallen from the flames and softly rested back into the earth, we were excited to begin discussions on our third collaboration project with the legendary Bozeman-based brand EVERGOODS. This small startup with Jack and Kevin at the helm has always punched well above its weight class, making some of the best carry in the entire game, with winners of multiple Carry Awards. The bar was already set extremely high. But what could we do next that could be anywhere near as fun as the last two?

For our first collab, we selected one of the most iconic backpacks in carry, the CPL24 (along with its tech kit little brother, CAP2), and then twisted the dial up to 11 with the Phoenix treatment. For the second, we used the same Phoenix stroke, but created a brand new product with Jack and Kevin, the CTB26, a smaller and more EDC-friendly version of their CTB35 pack (along with the CAP1 organizer). There was no shortage of ideas for the third collaboration project… which didn’t make it easy. EVERGOODS has been filling out their collection carefully, adding more and more award-winning products, all of which were on the table. 

One idea: a Phoenix V3, burned out fast. It was too obvious. We needed a new fire. So we let the embers burn… until we decided to fly in an opposite direction. Taking EVERGOODS back into the Old World. Something classic, timeless, and iconic. 

We made the pitch. What if the Griffin would be born from waxed canvas and leather? And what if it was a complete collection of the very best products from EVERGOODS?

And the rest, as they say, is history. 

EVERGOODS x Carryology Griffin



Tales of the mythical Griffin originated along the route of the old Silk Road in Asia in the 5th century, where the remains of beaked dinosaurs and their eggs were found. Since that time, its myth has soared across the globe. You'll find its image adorned on crests and coat of arms from France to Germany to Latvia and, of course, where Halley Stevensons resides, Scotland and the UK. 

A lion’s body with massive feathered wings, an eagle’s head, and razor-sharp talons. It's a creature that has represents courage, guardianship and strength. It embodies the best of both worlds, with an eagle’s keen eyesight paired with a lion’s bravery and strength. In ancient Greek mythology, the griffin was also known as a protector of treasure. 


And for me, this has always been my number one mythological creature. It was on the front enamel badge of my first car, a 1989 SAAB 900S. I’ve researched its history and drawn my own versions for decades, since childhood. I have it tattooed on my arm. We only use a creature once, so suggesting Griffin was kind of the secret ace up my sleeve. Without knowing what it would be yet, we committed to the name. This would be the single time we used this character. For me, it meant this one would have to be as awesome to the end user as the name meant to me. The Griffin it would be.




We opted for an all-star lineup for our first-ever capsule product collection collaboration with EVERGOODS. Made up of Carry Award winners (and I predict a future Carry Award winner, but we’ll see what the readers vote on), Carryology reader favorites, and EVERGOODS customer favorites. 

Together we chose…

Civic Panel Loader 24L (CPL24)

Transit Duffel 35L (TD35)

Mountain Hip Pack 3.5L (MHP3.5)

Civic Access Pouch 2L (CAP2)

EVERGOODS x Carryology Griffin

EVERGOODS x Carryology Griffin



Now, finding the best waxed canvas on planet earth… and then improving it. We looked at a few different suppliers in Europe, Asia, and the USA. After several rounds of fabric samples, in-house testing at EVERGOODS (including abrasion and tear strength testing), and many discussions, the choice was perfectly clear… we’d go with the very best in the business.

Halley Stevensons

Halley Stevensons, makers of waxed cotton canvas for over 150 years, located in beautiful Dundee, Scotland. These folks are the real deal. While over in Scotland, I’ve toured their Baltic Works factory, built in 1864, and it’s one of the coolest structures I have ever had the pleasure to walk inside of. Here, they do everything. The old way. The right way. In fact, they politely requested I point my camera away from several of their specialized waxing machines, as their processes are an industry secret. In this ancient-yet-highly-advanced factory they do everything in-house; a high-tech laboratory for R&D and testing, fabric singeing (fire!), custom fabric dyeing, pressurized rolling machinery to ensure consistent wax smoothing, sanforising, emerising, waxing, and much more. 

Halley Stevensons

Halley Stevensons

Since we were using the best waxed cotton in the world, Kevin opted to use the best (read: most durable and most tear-resistant) product they offer; P400. This heavy-duty base fabric is made from 100% cotton and is suitable for luggage and other high-abuse products. But… it wasn’t perfect. As you’re probably aware of by now, off-the-shelf stuff never fully captures the vision for these collaborations. So Kevin reached out to the R&D team at Halley Stevensons and asked them to develop an even tougher, more durable, and even more water-resistant waxed coating. After the Scottish mad scientists in their lab came back with several options, a final solution was chosen. It’s called Wax C4X and is much heavier duty than wax found in apparel-style fabrics. The end result is a feel that is incredibly unique, offering great durability and water resistance, and even feels a bit like leather in hand. It’s also not cheap at all. This custom fabric is made specifically for this collaboration by Halley Stevensons in Scotland, P400 C4X Griffin. We opted for the same P400 fabric without waxed coating on the back panel and inner shoulder straps on the CPL24 and MHP3.5 for increased on-body comfort. Just wait until you feel this stuff.

Halley Stevensons



Colors. Working with such beautiful fabrics, we really wanted the fabrics and the products to shine. And yes, while we love black, adding some spice to this collection felt necessary. But hey, obviously, we still went with black, because it’s the best. But we also selected a beautiful waxed tan fabric to complement the black. Both of these colors show an incredible patina and the wax catches light in such a killer way. All four products are available in both colorways, so you can go for an entire color-matched collection or mix and match. Also… more on color a bit later.

EVERGOODS x Carryology Griffin



Speaking of leather. We definitely couldn’t make a waxed cotton collection without some leather hits. Nylon trim is amazing stuff, but it just doesn’t mesh well visually. EVERGOODS specifically set out to find a leather tannery in the USA for this stuff. They opted for the legendary Kansas-based Berger Company. With over 100 years of experience (opened in 1908), their leather is tough, thick, and well… it smells amazing. If you’re into that kind of thing. We selected both black leather and brown leather, to go with the wax color combos we paired up, respectively. Sourcing high-quality leather in the USA is also extremely expensive, so we chose to use this stuff strategically across the collection. 


First, the main interaction point of any bag, the way you access the stuff inside is via the zipper and subsequently via the zipper puller. So we used thick strips of leather in a blood knot design, great for wet or gloved hands and they will continue to patina beautifully. 


Then, the internal patch. Normally a woven synthetic fabric. We custom-made a debossed thick branding/product leather patch for each product. And finally… just like the Phoenix V1 and 2, we made a Velcro-backed collab-specific patch that will come attached on the CPL24, TD35, and the MHP3.5. 



We had the collab codename Griffin. And as special as this project was to both our teams, we wanted to go big with the artist/designer for this particular patch. So we hit up our mutual friend, Carryology collab patch designer veteran and industry legend, the inimitable Dan Matsuda. We reached out and as usual, Dan was instantly in on this one. We gave him a very brief breakdown of the patch dimensions, materials, and process… and he came back with a fierce-looking Griffin design, flanked by both the EVERGOODS and Carryology logos. Deep embossing, thick USA leather, and Velcro-backed. The Griffin patch, designed by Dan Matsuda, was officially a reality.

EVERGOODS x Carryology Griffin


YKK AquaGuards, as much as we love them, just wouldn’t fit the bill for this time around, clashing with the beauty we’d created.

We hand-selected YKK’s “Antique Brass” metal finish for all exterior zippers. Classic, smooth, and satisfying. 

And all the #10 and #8 Reverse Coil (RC) zipper tape was color-matched to the colorways, for a perfect visual pairing. 

EVERGOODS x Carryology Griffin


Eye-piercing high-visibility orange liner inside… you knew it was coming. We firmly believe a bright interior is a necessary feature. Just like Phoenix V1 and V2, we sent the factory a specific Pantone PMS color code to create EVERGOODS’ crazy tough 420d HT nylon 6,6 with PU coating liner fabric in custom hi-vis orange. All the interior trims (AKA all the little extra parts that make up a pack) also aren’t just sitting on the shelf in a kaleidoscope of colors. Black is always available. But Kevin went ahead and had all the interior trims and fabrics custom-made and color-matched to the orange Pantone PMS. Yes, all of them. Zipper coils, zipper tape, zipper pullers, edge binding, webbing, mesh, etc. All hi-vis orange everything inside.

EVERGOODS x Carryology Griffin



The final touch, color matching everything else on the outside. All the hardware and trims are all matched to their respective color waxed canvas, so there wouldn’t be off-the-shelf black hardware making for an ugly contrast on a beautiful waxed tan product. Nope, all matched, all custom. But, also… not just waxed tan.

Some of you clever folks might’ve guessed this was coming. Like the Phoenix V1 and V2, we decided to have a little bit of fun. Black and Waxed Tan are both the icons of this collaboration, sure. But we had to experiment a bit with Halley Stevensons’ array of incredible colors. So we created two additional colorways. Blood Orange and Olive.

Everything color matched, just like the Black and Waxed Tan. Working with the factory, we politely asked to have a small batch of each created. These will be extremely limited in quantities; 25 units of each product in each colorway. 25 Olive MHP3.5 and 25 Blood Orange MHP3.5, for example. These are for the brave ones, who also live to have a little fun. 



Our Carryology team traveled up to visit the EVERGOODS HQ in Bozeman, Montana to inspect initial prototypes and make revisions with Kevin and Jack… and we all knew we had something very special on our hands. After a few rounds of revisions, dialing in all the little details to perfection, after many months of development, we are extremely proud of the final result of this collection.

EVERGOODS x Carryology Griffin

Our third collaboration with EVERGOODS and in our humble opinions, our favorite yet. A collection with character, beauty, ruggedness, and timelessness all encapsulated. Made with Halley Stevensons waxed cotton canvas custom-made for this collaboration in Scotland, USA leather detailing, and a Griffin collab patch designed by Dan Matsuda. Introducing the EVERGOODS x Carryology Griffin Collection (CPL24, TD35, MHP3.5, CAP2). 

Releasing on 21 September 2023 (4pm MT / 5pm CT / 6pm ET)


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