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Carry Hack Photo Contest

by , January 16, 2012

Carry Hack Photo Contest
Carry Giveaway | Carry Hack Photo Contest

As you can imagine at the Carryology offices, we have a lot of packs.  Packs next to packs, packs on top of packs, and sometimes even packs inside of other packs… inside of other packs.  I wish I were joking.  Sometimes the herd needs to be thinned out.  So rather than us sell it locally/online or give it to one of our friends, we decided that who better deserves it than our Carryology readers… but we’re going to have a little fun with it.

What’s up for grabs for the Carry Giveaway… a brand new car!!!… a brand new Chrome Falcon backpack!!!

Carry Hack Photo Contest

Carry Giveaway | Carry Hack Photo Contest

Ain’t hard to enter, all that’s required is for you guys to submit photo entries of your best examples of a Carry Hack via email to CarryHacks@carryology.com (include your name, location, and a brief description of your hack).

The prize, a Chrome Falcon backpack:
18″ wide, 19″ high, 6″ deep (35L volume).  Made from 1050 denier nylon for the outer shell.  Retails for $150 USD.  The independent floating 18oz truck tarp liner eliminates any seams to the outside elements to keep your interior stuff nice, safe, and dry.  A molded EVA foam backpanel is a pretty trick detail and comfortable I must admit.  You normally see this kind of feature on more expensive packs due to the costs involved with manufacturing.  Constructed with nylon 69 thread and 3M reflective compression straps, it’s solid, and will make you visible.  Read up online for more info.

Some examples of Carry Hacks;
– Ripped backpack shoulder straps?  Duct taped the entire shoulder strap, with lots of duct tape.
– Some webbing comes undone?  Stapled it back together… a hundred times to be sure it stays put.
– Rolling luggage wheel fell off?  Replaced it with a Big Wheels plastic wheel… spray painted gold.
– Hole in your 1000D Cordura nylon fabric?  Ha, that’s impossible!
– Hole in your 600D polyester fabric?  Patched it up with hot glue and dirty aluminum foil.
– Re-purposing your old 1990s beige computer tower into travel luggage.

What we’re looking for;
– Authentic real hacks (but even made up hacks can be funny)
– Homemade & sloppy (think “Thereifixedit.com”)
– Attempts to serve some sort of purpose (even if if doesn’t actually succeed)
– Creativity, humor, absurdity
– Doesn’t need to be a “bag” or “pack”, but probably
Here’s an example of a great Carry Hack that works well, but isn’t too funny, and is still absolutely valid
And here’s another example of a Carry Hack not absurd or funny, but totally creative
(Try not to focus on people carrying “too much stuff” with something that isn’t made for it… we’re already working on that post!)

Carry Hack Photo Contest(Image credits: Thereifixedit.com, thanks, you guys rule / I love the zip tied license plate pack)

The judges;
– Several of us Carryology folks.
– A stray three-legged cat we found in an alley, named Rico.
– My potted orchid, which has seen better days.

Official rules;
Whatever.  Submit as many photo entries as you’d like for more chances to win.  We’re going to highlight the best entries in a Carryology Carry Hacks post, which will also announce the winner.  Contest starts Monday January 16th at 0000 (12:00am), and ends at Monday January 30th 0000 (12:00am), Central Standard Time (USA).  Entries can either be a photo of your own hack that you did yourself, a photo of your friend or family member’s hack, a photo of a stranger’s hack, even a photo of a carry hack you found on the internet.  Preference will go towards the former, unless the found internet photo is just straight up jaw-dropping amazing.  Creativity, humor, and absurdity are king.  Grand prize winner must be within the lower 48 states in order to get the Chrome Falcon backpack shipped to them for free, but maybe not.  Depends on shipping costs.  If you live in Antarctica or Tunisia, you might have to cover shipping yourself.  We’re working class folks here too.  Or I will hand deliver it, if you cover my airfare.  Or you can pick it up from me in Austin, TX.  Void where prohibited.  You must be at least 7 weeks old and/or at least 15 CM tall to participate.

Submit photos to CarryHacks@carryology.com (include your name, location, and a brief description of your hack)

Good luck!


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.