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The Ultimate Carry Awards Giveaway

by , June 14, 2017

The champions of our Fifth Annual Carry Awards have enjoyed well deserved acknowledgement and honor. But they’re not quite finished yet. Now it’s time they stoked one lucky Carryology reader. Yup, one lucky person will win ALL of this. And boy is this one helluva prize pack. This might even be the most epic prize pack we’ve ever dished up!

So, with out further ado, here’s the quiver of champion ilk up for grabs.

Prize Pack

Trakke Wee Lug Mk 2 (Best Work Messenger)

The Ultimate Carry Awards Giveaway

Not content to rest on their laurels, Trakke took a great original and made it even better with the Trakke Wee Lug Mk2. The Glaswegian brand have reduced the weight while improving comfort, fit and weatherproofness. The result? A handsome and durable piece that looks stylish in work settings, but adapts to adventures outside of the office too.

Peak Design Everyday Sling (Best Active Messenger)

The Ultimate Carry Awards Giveaway

Winner of our Best Active Messenger award, the Peak Design Everyday Sling moves seamlessly from the commute to EDC and photography trips. Easy access, customizable organization and expandability makes this a highly versatile piece for a range of active carry needs.

Aer Travel Pack (Best Carry-On)

The Ultimate Carry Awards Giveaway

A bag that adapts to both work and play trips? With sleek aesthetics, useful organization and convenient access, Aer’s Travel Pack is just the ticket. A clamshell opening enables easy packing and retrieval of gear, while designated storage for shoes, a laptop and quick-access items makes our Best Carry-On winner a pleasure to travel with.

Triple Aught Design Axiom X25 (Best Work Backpack)

The Ultimate Carry Awards Giveaway

Understated in style, yet packed full of features, our Best Work Backpack winner grafts hard both during and after work hours. The volume expands from 25L to 40L, providing plenty of space for work supplies, gym gear, or overnight essentials. Rounding things off is handy clamshell-style access and a range of pockets to keep your gear tidy.

Orbitkey 2.0 (Best EDC)

The Ultimate Carry Awards Giveaway

The Orbitkey 2.0 delivers a refined take on the original, bringing calm to cluttered pockets with a slimmer profile, easier assembly and increased durability. In addition to neat and jangle-free key carry, our Best EDC winner can be partnered with a USB 3.0 flashdrive and multitool to combine numerous EDC items in one conveniently portable format.

RYU Quick Pack LUX 1.1 (Highly Commended – Best Work Backpack)

The Ultimate Carry Awards Giveaway

RYU’s Quick Pack LUX 1.1 delivers a stylish, one-bag solution for carrying work and gym gear, scoring a High Commendation in our Best Work Backpack award. Great access is provided through a nifty drop front design, and there are also new colorways to choose from to suit your personal tastes.

Arc’teryx Beta LT Jacket (Hall of Fame – WaterTight™ Zipper)

The Ultimate Carry Awards Giveaway

The Arc’teryx Beta LT Jacket is lightweight, waterproof, windproof and breathable – ideal for comfortable protection against the elements when you’re getting active. And contributing to its effectiveness is our Hall of Fame winner and industry game changer, the Arc’teryx WaterTight™ Zipper.

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The Ultimate Carry Awards Giveaway


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