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Exclusive Release | Mystery Ranch x Carryology Spartanology


Exclusive Release | Mystery Ranch x Carryology Spartanology

by , October 13, 2022

Inspired by Mystery Ranch's smallest military pack ever produced. Reimagined to be the ultimate EDC daypack.


Introducing the most anticipated collaboration in the history of our collaboration program:


The Mystery Ranch x Carryology Spartanology (codename: Cerberus).


October 12th at 12pm Noon USA Mountain Time is the start of the pre-queue when individuals can join the sale and get lined up. The official launch is at 1pm (USA Mountain Time).


For international distributors, please see the bottom of this page.




Mystery Ranch x Carryology Spartanology

Mystery Ranch x Carryology Spartanology

Mystery Ranch x Carryology Spartanology


Fabric: X50 X-Pac (DWR-coated Cordura 500D nylon, laminated with a custom 840D polyester X-PLY at 22° and 0.5 mil shiny polyester film backing)

Reverse coil YKK on main compartment

#5 AquaGuard YKK on quick-access pocket and deep dish

Aerospace aluminum G-hooks

Hypalon loops

Volume: 16L

Weight: 2.85 lbs

Dimensions (Inches): 18.75L x 10.5W x 8.75D

Colorways: Black, MultiCam Alpine, MultiCam Black, Woodland



Fidlock magnetic V-buckles on chest strap and main closure

Adjustable Futura Yoke

Spartan-style opening with magnets

Dual hydro ports and stretch-woven side water bottle pockets

Strap keepers on main closure and sternum strap

Deep dish lid pocket

Front panel quick-access pocket

Load lifters

Hidden Stick-It Beavertail with daisy chain webbing

Heat shrink-wrapped paracord zipper pullers

All-access main compartment

Suspended laptop sleeve

Internal admin panel

Velcro field and limited-edition morale patch

Third Piece to Complete the Triptych

First in the series was the MR x Carryology Assault (codename: Unicorn). Then the MR x Carryology No Escape (codename: Dragon) followed. Both releases were cult packs resurrected from the archives. Both sold out in minutes.

Now, the Spartanology (codename: Cerberus) is the final piece to complete the triptych.

Redefined for Everyday

The magic of the original Spartan is its size and versatility. Its 16L (1000cu/in) volume attached to the comfortable and adjustable Futura yoke harness system, complete access to the main compartment, and exterior customization options make it a crossover for civilian use, specifically for everyday carry. But it isn’t perfect for everyday, trade-offs still have to be made… until now.

The two words we circled on the board: ‘clean’ and ‘urban ready’. That was our goal.


First move, to reduce the exterior PALS, refining the exterior look, making the pack less military and more urban, more street.


Mystery Ranch x Carryology Spartanology

Quick-Access, Times Two

To counter, we added two new quick-access pockets to the exterior. A front zippered accessory pocket on the bottom side of the front panel. Perfectly sized for whatever item you don’t want in your hand.

The second, a ‘deep dish’ quick-access pocket lives on the top brain, just behind the loop Velcro morale panel. Within this pocket, we designed in two stretch mesh pockets for organization of your EDC items.


Both of these exterior pockets utilize YKK’s water-resistant AquaGuard zippers in size #5, to keep your small essentials dry and safe. 

Mystery Ranch x Carryology Spartanology

Cleaner Aesthetics

In keeping with refining the exterior, we moved to webbing interactions. On the sternum strap and main compartment closure we added strap keepers to make the pack cleaner and dangle-free in places that draw the eye.


Diving inside, we built in a suspended 16" laptop sleeve, and admin panel for small notepads and tablets, so your tech stays safe, snug, and organized.

Mystery Ranch x Carryology Spartanology

Mystery Ranch x Carryology Spartanology

Mystery Ranch x Carryology Spartanology

Hidden Stick-It for Exterior Carry

Like the Dragon, the hidden Stick-It beavertail (via zippered pocket at the bottom) had to be included to bump carrying and customization options to the next level.


The Stick-It deploys up and attaches via the Hypalon loops and aerospace aluminum G-hooks made by Trimmers, blacked out, of course. This provides additional storage, for one. But on the exterior of the Stick-It, there’s two columns of ‘daisy chain’ webbing, so the end user can lash accessories (like additional Velcro field) as well.


Mystery Ranch x Carryology Spartanology


Mystery Ranch x Carryology Spartanology

Magnets, Everywhere 

The original Spartan uses a plastic ITW side lock buckle, so you know we had to upgrade. We opted for a 25mm Fidlock V-Buckle with pull tab on both the main closure and sternum strap. Designed by engineers in Germany for one-hand operation, it makes it a breeze for cinching down, expanding, opening, and closing. 


Not stopping there, we moved to ‘the mouth’ of the main compartment. The original Spartan uses Velcro to keep the mouth shut, which allows long items (the barrel of a soldier’s rifle, for example), to poke up through, while remaining closed. 


Velcro is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but can be noisy and distracting when closing and opening a main closure, so we switched in magnets for a quieter, more technical result. 


Mystery Ranch x Carryology Spartanology


Bomber and Weatherproof

To make this project special, we looked to the sailcloth master at Dimension Polyant and pulled their X-Pac X50 sailcloth fabric.

It features a DWR-coated Cordura 500D nylon, laminated with a custom 840D polyester X-PLY at 22° and 0.5 mil shiny polyester film backing. This makes the fabric waterproof, strong, durable, allows the pack to maintain its structure, and makes for an aesthetic plus with a killer X-ply grid showcased on the internal panels. X-ply for X-Factor. Win!

Compact and Expandable 

The Spartan expands via its unique quick-access main compartment. Two features in one. The front flap cinches down with a buckle on the vertical webbing to tighten things up and if you want to add a few more liters, just loosen the webbing and the “mouth” will stick upright and expand for you.


Easy-to-Grab, No-Click Pullers

Like the previous two collaborations, all the exterior zipper pullers are made from paracord with heat shrink-wrapped ends. Easy to grab when wet or with gloves or whatever other situations life throws at you. Plus, they’re silent (no jingle jangle) and have a clean, classic look.

Mystery Ranch x Carryology Spartanology

Futura Harness

What really makes the OG Spartan unique is the fact that it is Mystery Ranch’s smallest assault pack ever made using the legendarily comfortable and adjustable Futura harness. Some speculated that we’d opt for the fixed harness suspension on this, which is still a great system. But nope. We went with the real deal Futura Yoke. Comfortable all day and every day, and customizable in height to suit many different users, no matter where or what you get up to.

Mystery Ranch x Carryology Spartanology

Four Killer Colorways

While the Unicorn and the Dragon were available in just one colorway, we wanted to give everyone variety this time. Drawing inspiration from the Spartan’s military roots, we selected Crye Precision’s MultiCam in MultiCam Black for a subdued look and MultiCam Alpine for a bit of contrast and visual pop. Both patterns are used by US military forces for specific applications in specific environments. And then, a third camouflage was added. Nicknamed “God’s plaid”, the M81 Woodland camo is what most of us think of when we hear the word “camo”. First used in 1989 and remaining in use until the 2000s, it's our third colorway. And finally, if you know us, we had to go for a stealth option, all black everything. Four colors in total, each with their own unique character and vibe.


Get Active Hydration

When using this small and nimble daypack, hydration is key for quick missions or day trips. Side water bottle pockets make sense on packs like this, so you don’t steal volume from the interior. So we included two on each Spartanology, both made from a durable and secure stretch nylon. They disappear flat when not in use, but eat up large-size bottles (tested with 24oz and 32oz, no problem).


Inside, there’s also two toggles to hang a water bladder with a hydration hose pass-through on each side. Laptop-ready everyday pack? Check. Hydration-compatible hiking pack? Check.

All Access, All the Time

Keeping the classic silhouette, the Spartanology nails the same awesome access as its predecessor with complete access to the main compartment via two #8 reverse coil YKK zippers, chosen for smooth gripping and ripping.


Add in the two external quick-access pockets and the Stick-It and your access to your gear is plentiful and awesome.

Mystery Ranch x Carryology Spartanology

Minimal Branding to Represent

Label-wise, the orange and black woven label has proven to be a favorite, so we went with that option and centered it. Black background and orange text for Black, MCB and Woodland. For difference, Alpine is a black and white combination.  


Mystery Ranch x Carryology Spartanology

Mystery Ranch x Carryology Spartanology

High-Vis Everywhere (Well, Almost)

Of course, we used hi-vis orange nylon fabric for the liner. For those wondering why? Orange is Mystery Ranch’s and Carryology’s brand color. Additionally, it’s a feature benefit, creating visual contrast to easily locate items in low-level lighting scenarios.


 But… to keep you guys guessing, just a little. We wanted the Alpine to run black and white only to keep things monochrome (and maybe because we were suffering Storm Trooper syndrome, ha).

Art Direction and Planning for the Polyptych

The Carryology Assault and the No Escape both acquired their nicknames from their respective morale patches. If you really want a deep dive into the symbolism, here’s a link. Both patches were designed by Hadrien Monloup, co-founder of Carryology.


In the beginning, I had envisioned a series of three products for this particular “series”. There was no guarantee, but I had to plan ahead. Planning for a polyptych three moves ahead… tricky stuff!


The Dragon patch was designed with a samurai rider charging to battle the knight atop his Unicorn steed. And now, Cerberus connects with the existing two, finalizing the triptych, fitting in the center of the Unicorn and the Dragon. Three beasts, one battlefield.



The Unicorn contains elements from medieval Europe, The Dragon contains elements from feudal Japan. And so the Cerberus has to draw inspiration from Sparta and ancient Greek mythology, for obvious reasons. Atop is King Leonidas, arguably the most famous Spartan to ever live.


As the other two patches have historically correct characters atop fictional mythological creatures, this one follows the same recipe. Leonidas is riding the mythological Cerberus, a fearsome three-headed attack dog who guarded the gates of the Underworld. Our rider is carrying the powerful Aegis shield, carried by Zeus, adorned with the head of Medusa on its face.

Easter Egg Time!

Now, here's some fun detail. You can see Leonidas is holding a spear, the preferred weapon of the Spartan warrior. Near the tip, a red scroll used to represent a Scytale, a cryptography tool said to have been used as a cipher to communicate during military campaigns. On this ribbon, the word “if”.


This single word “if” might be the most famous Spartan quote of all time. You see, back to that minimalist lifestyle of the Spartans… they were taught to live simply, even in education and language, expressing thoughts without many words. Known as the Laconic phrase, a form of verbal art. Think Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool, but better. 



Now, the specific story of the quote. King Philip II of Macedon, was launching a major military campaign that would eventually lead to him controlling most of Ancient Greece. As part of the campaign, before setting his sights to conquer Sparta, he sent a messenger carrying this message:
“When I come to Sparta, should I be accepted as friend or foe?”.


The Spartans sent the messenger back with a one-word reply,



Furious, King Philip II followed up with this message:
“You are advised to submit without further delay, for if I bring my army into your land, I will destroy your farms, slay your people, and raze your city.”


The Spartans replied with one word… 



Badassery in the third degree. And something we just had to include, because we're geeks, and details matter.


Mystery Ranch x Carryology Spartanology

USA Launch Date

October 12th at 12pm Noon USA Mountain Time is the start of the pre-queue when individuals can join the sale and get lined up. The official launch is at 1pm (USA Mountain Time).


For international distributors, please see the bottom of this page.






International Launch

Global Launch is at the same time, October 12th at 12pm Noon (Mountain Time).

If it's in the middle of the night the stores will have them in the morning at store opening.

Note, some launch times may vary, so please contact these retailers directly for details.

These distributors also cannot ship outside of their region, so any folks unfortunately not living in the below regions will need to find a proxy – the best place for that is Carry Classified.




Mystery Ranch Tokyo (in store only)

6-15-7 Jinguumae





W: mysteryranch.jp 





Central World 

999/99 Rama 1 Road, Pathumwan,Bangkok 10330

Tel 0863789229


Siam Paragon 

991 Rama 1 Road, Pathumwan Bangkok 10330

Tel 0863311197


Mega Bangna 38, 38/1-3, 39 Moo 6 Bangna-Trad Rd., Km.8 Bangkaew, Bangplee, Samutprakarn, 10540

Tel 021051908 


W: www.e-tankstore.com 





Outdoor Lift Pte Ltd

107 North Bridge Road,

#02-20 Funan,

Singapore 179105 

E: info@outdoorlife.com.sg

W: outdoorlife.com.sg 




White Rock

10F-5, No. 112, Sec 2

Zhong-Shan North RD

Taipei, 104 Taiwan

P: +886 2 25233871

E: info@rockland.com.tw

W: rockland.com.tw


South Korea 



1F The Segye Times

550-15 Gasan-dong


Seoul Seoul 08505

Korea, Republic of 

W: mysteryranch.co.kr 


United Kingdom 



46c Bavelaw Rd

Edinburgh, Balerno

EH14 7AE

P: 0131 449 4147

E: info@2pure.co.uk

W: www.mysteryranchuk.com 




Sea to Summit Pty Ltd

5 Eyre street

Rivervale Western Australia 6103

P: 08 9221 6617

E: enquiries@mysteryranch.com.au


Hong Kong  


Supreme Co.

Room 1812, Park-In Commercial Center

56 Dundas Street, Mong Kok

Hong Kong

P: 852-27808818

E: kevinc@supremeco.com.hk

W: supremeco.com.hk 







Beijing Sanfo Outdoor Product Co., Ltd


Building 23, Yard 3, ChenJiaYing West Road,

ChangPing District, Beijing, 100192,



E-mail: peter@sanfo.com


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