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Carryology Essentials | Bellroy x Carryology Tech Kit and Pencil Case

by , February 24, 2022

The time has come, it’s finally here. Bellroy and Carryology have combined forces to deliver the third and fourth installments of our Carryology Essentials program. Introducing the Bellroy x Carryology CE03 and CE04. 

So what exactly is this “CE program”? Well, it focuses on small essentials – the gear that nests inside and around our packs and pockets.

And each CE release is carefully chosen because it’s “best in class”. The leading pieces of gear in essential categories, hand-picked and taken to the design table and reimagined. In this case, we have the best office pouch collection. Two pieces with real smarts built in, paired with sleek and minimal lines that not only carry your daily tech and accessories, but look the part when formality matters.

And it gets better, now these CE products will pivot from single drops to collections that will be restocked, so more folks can access them and carry them proudly. So if this sells out make sure to hit that ‘NOTIFY ME’ button.


Ok, so now that you know what CE03 and CE04 are… what now?


Time to have some fun, of course.



When designing for the office and formal environs, we wanted to nail the aesthetics. These pieces would be expressive and high in style points but also minimal and clean.


All-black with smooth lines, nailing that perfect and versatile silhouette.




We say it every time, one of the single most important parts of any softgoods product is the material selection. If you’re like me, when I hear the word “Bellroy”, you think world-class leather.


Thing is, the Pencil Case and Tech Kit both only use small details made of leather. So opting for a more luxe feel, we’ve made leather one of the heroes.


On the Tech Kit we placed a panel along the back spine, and inside the finger loops in the Pencil Case, so you interact with it each time you use your carry. 


And, of course, Bellroy’s premium, environmentally certified leather, will only get better with age.

best pencil case



But, just adding “more leather” wasn’t enough. We went custom. We worked with the tannery to develop our own unique embossed leather for amazing handfeel, grip, and aesthetics.

The leather is deeply embossed with our new and very own custom Auxikko pattern.

A coming together of two distinct inspirations: the ancient Japanese Kikkō pattern based on the nested hexagons of turtle shells. And the modern engineering concept of auxetics – structures or materials that transform under pressure, making for incredible strength and performance.

Combine the two and you have tradition and innovation, science and art. A perfect balance.



Let me just say one word: Apex. Bellroy’s Apex backpack is absolutely cutting-edge and the fabric they developed for it… bad ass. I’m talking about Bellroy’s most technical offering, their 100% recycled Baida Nylon, a fabric uniquely developed at a specialist mill in South Korea. 


And in an all new custom colorway: Black Ash. This particular Baida Nylon uses a slightly different color treatment, it has a new pigment used in it so it can achieve 'true black' while being crinkled.

Bellroy x Carryology Tech Kit



While we dig the metal zippers on both products, a performance upgrade was called for. We went with a favorite: YKK Aquaguard zippers. Not only notch up the performance of this piece, but to visually wash away any zipper teeth to keep this silhouette super clean and minimal. The final cherry on top, leather zipper pullers with debossed logos and a tasteful minimal orange stitch-line.

Bellroy x Carryology Pencil Case



Of course, we’re all about high-vis interiors. This is no secret. It’s a functional feature, helping you locate small items in low light scenarios. And being that our brand color is orange, we went with an eye-piercing fluorescent orange. We selected nylon ripstop for durability and for vibrant color saturation.


Introducing two new additions to our Carryology Essentials program: the Bellroy x Carryology Tech Kit (CE03) and the Bellroy x Carryology Pencil Case (CE04).

Bellroy x Carryology Tech Kit and Pencil Case

Bellroy x Carryology Tech Kit (CE03) Features:

Stretch mesh pocketing for larger items like a computer mouse.

A magnetic slip pocket fits your portable power bank.

Full clamshell opening, giving you full access to your items but packing up quick and easy to restore order.

The entire layout is designed so that larger items are kept separate from small items, preventing tangles.

Bellroy x Carryology Pencil Case (CE04) Features:

Widemouth opening splays out like an EDC tray so you have full access to all your small items inside.

Inspired by a “bon bon”, you can grab both ends via the finger loops, making the experience fun and easy.

Though it’s called a pencil case, it’s designed for more than just pencils; great for cables and other EDC essentials.

Bellroy x Carryology Tech Kit

Bellroy x Carryology Pencil Case


February 28th, 8pm New York City time.

Shipping worldwide. 

Shop link will be here on Carryology.com, in our Exclusive Release article posted at the above time. 

Make sure you're there to score the first batch!



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